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Finding The Right Junk Yard for Scrapping Your Clunker

When it comes to selling your junk car, you have a wide selection of junkyards to choose from. The problem comes in when you have to make the right choice on which junkyard to sell to so you can get paid for what your car is worth.

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Watch Out for Scammers

When looking for the right buyer for your junk vehicle, you must make sure the person or business you’re selling to is honest. A potential buyer might agree on a price, but when it comes time to pick up the car, he or she offers you a new, low-ball offer.

You are then forced to sell your car for the price they present to you during the pickup. Believe it or not, this is quite a common scam employed by junkyards.

Don’t Sell Without Transferring the Title

Another common scam that dishonest businesses employ is keeping the car title in your name. You might think that this is a positive thing. However, this can cause issues in the future.

When you fail to transfer the title, you are left liable for the car. This means that you are legally responsible for it. If your car accumulates fees after you sell it, the junkyard you sell it to has the right to take you to court if you don’t pay for them!

You may also want to look out for junkyards that don’t offer payments for your car during pickup. Expect payment before they take your car. Do not agree to later payment.

To avoid dealing with shady junkyards and scrap yards, choose With us, you are connected to a nationwide network of approved and reliable local junk car buyers. is a well-established company that is associated with which was founded in 2007. We have made over a million offers for cars like yours. Our main goal is to offer you’re a fair market value for your damaged car. There are many reasons why should be your go-to when you need to sell your junk car. possesses unbeatable expertise in buying and evaluating damaged cars. We take into account your car’s condition, make, year, model as well as your location and local market. You won’t find this kind of value in the Kelley Blue Book.

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Get Cash Offers in 24 Hours with

Offers are instant with You can get yours in 90 seconds. All you have to do is provide some information about your vehicle. This can be accomplished online or you can call one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Offers are guaranteed. This means that you won’t have to deal with the bargaining and unfair offers one usually experiences when selling to a junkyard. However, don’t feel obligated to take the offer. You are at liberty to think it over before making a decision.

If you decide to take the offer, you can expect a tow truck to arrive at your location in the next 24 to 48 hours. Don’t worry about how you’ll pay for the tow. It’s on us.

Towing services from are free nationwide, no matter your location. All you will be expected to do is to provide the title and proof of ownership and you will be paid on the spot. is an active member of Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group. Thus, we work with partners who prioritize environmental issues and recycle vehicle parts in an environmentally friendly manner. This is because we recognize the dangers of mishandling the recycling process of vehicles. We purchase anything from broken to damaged to wrecked to junk vehicles and make sure they are disposed of properly.

The products of haphazard recycling are dangerous metals like mercury that have adverse impacts on the environment. Chemicals from junk and scrap yards can reach groundwater and contaminate it.

Selling Your Car To A Junk Yard

Junk Car Masters is a reputable and seasoned company respected for its expertise in buying junk cars. Additionally, they have earned consistently high ratings on credible sites such as Google and TrustPilot. They are a BBB-accredited A+ business with rave reviews from multiple customers. If you need to sell your junk car, head on over to for the best value deals in the market.

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