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Have you been wondering, “How will I ever sell my junk car for a fair price?” In the market, there are many junk car buyers but finding one you can trust is a huge hurdle. We are different. We pay cash and we buy junk cars across the continental United States. We’ll always follow through on our commitment to you. That’s our promise!

We Buy Junk Cars Near You Cash For Junk CarHow to Sell My Old Car Online

Selling a car online is exploding in popularity. Whether you have a high-quality used car to sell or a trashed, wrecked, non-running car, you can find a way to sell it online.

For scrap cars, you can attempt to sell your vehicle on classified sites like Craigslist or post an ad on Facebook Marketplace. But most people shopping on Craigslist want a car they can drive, not a fixer-upper or a clunker.

Alternatively, junk car buyers online aren’t as concerned with your car’s condition. They purchase cars for a variety of reasons – to repair and resell, to recycle used parts, or to sell as scrap metal. To make their money, they pay you a low price so they can make as much money as possible.

Unfortunately, many scrap car buyers you come across are notorious for being less than honest. Choosing the right buyer makes all the difference. That is why we offer a transparent, trustworthy process to get you money for your clunker.

Free Junk Car Removal Cash For Junk CarWho Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

It takes time to find the best offer for your car from a junkyard or junk car buyer. That is true for all makes and models. You can search online listing for places that advertise “We buy junk cars.” You can call every junk yard within 10, 20, or 50 miles of you.

Most places will pay you the going rate for scrap steel based on your car’s weight. Moreover, they don’t take into consideration that you have a top trim level. They ignore fancy wheels, or that it still runs well. We have a network of scrap vehicle buyers that are looking for vehicles just like yours. We take their offers for vehicles like the one you have and give you the best price among them.

You’ll save time, sell your junk car fast, and get top dollar for your car through us.

Local Junk Vehicle Buyers Cash For Junk CarWe Pay the Guaranteed Offer

Other junk car buyers make you an offer, then lower it when it comes time to pay you. That’s a business practice you’ll never find from us. When we’ve made you an offer, we guarantee it for seven days. As a matter of fact, when you accept the offer, there’s no question you’ll be paid exactly what you’ve been offered – no less.

We Buy Junk Cars – How It Works

When you request an offer from us, we take into consideration your car’s merits. We give you the best price we can. As well as, your make and model, year and mileage, and most of all, its condition factor into the offer you receive. If you like the offer, accept it within seven days to receive that guaranteed price.

We’ll put money in your hand within 24 to 48 hours – the exact amount we offered you during the evaluation process. Additionally, we’ll have your car picked up from where it sits at no charge to you. We take care of the tow charges, and we’ll even take care of any title transfer fees.

To conclude, for a trustworthy and transparent experience selling your junk car for a fair price – you are at the right place.

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We are experts in the car business and will offer you expert advice to help you in the process.

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We work with recyclers and others who are friendly to the environment.

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We are the better, faster, no-hassle option that gets you more money for your junk car.

You shouldn't settle for less.

When you sell your junk car through us you get a fair offer quickly and get your payment promptly. We offer free pick up and you can get started right online. You get the added benefit of freeing up driveway or yard space. It couldn't be easier! If you have been saddled with a junk or damaged car, its time to sell it through us.

What our Clients Say

Cash For Junk Car

I received a prompt response to my offer to sell, was kept informed of the process and timing and the local tow company was on time courteous and brought a check. It was a very pleasant experience.

- Joe
Cash For Junk Car

This was a great experience I would suggest it to anybody. The tow driver was great and the communication was continual and honest. Best of luck to anybody who needs this place I would recommend it.

- Rebecca

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