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What to Do With A Car With Engine Problems?

Sell Car With Blown Engine Cash For Junk Car

A broken car engine can result from various types of damage. However, it is mainly caused by a failure in the cooling system or deficiencies in the lubrication of the vehicle. It is a fairly common car issue, but it’s not always possible to repair an engine.

It is an expensive and complex car part, and depending on the extent of damage, repairing may not be an option. We buy many of these cars every single day, so we have some insight as to how the process works.

How Do I Know if My Car Has A Blown Engine?

Before repairing a broken engine, you must identify the origin of the breakdown. There are several possible reasons for engine breakdown, so you must find the correct source.

Engine seizure can result from a lack of lubrication. As a result, friction is generated by the interaction of metallic engine parts and high temperatures. Alternatively, insufficient oil levels can cause overheating and eventually wear out the main components of the engine.

If the car with the damaged engine is old, you can simply sell it as junk, or trade it in as totaled if the repair costs exceed the value of the car.

What Can I Do With A Car With A Seized Engine?

The seizure of an engine can affect other mechanical elements such as the pistons, cylinders, crankshaft, or cylinder head. To repair the engine in any of these cases, a mechanic will have to remove it from the vehicle when it is cold as well as all of the coolant and disconnect the exhaust.

Reasons for a Blown Engine

Value of Car With Blown Engine Cash For Junk Car

Most commonly, seizure occurs between the piston and the cylinder. The seizure usually happens in the upper part of the cylinder, which is where temperatures are hottest.

Engine seizures are costly, and it's generally best to prevent them from happening in the first place.

There are several other potential causes of engine seizure that you should be aware of including:

  • Bad lubrication: due to lack of pressure or because the oil loses its qualities or has a low viscosity level.

  • Poor cooling: low water level in the engine or breakdown of the cooling system.

  • Compression segment failure: the lubricant layer breaks between the two elements or ignites thus increasing friction.

  • Imbalance of the connecting rods: if the crankshaft is not well balanced, the cylinder will wear one side of the piston more.

Proper car maintenance can help to prevent such engine damage. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a vehicle that is no longer running.

How To Tell If My Engine is Failing

There are several tell-tale signs that your engine is failing. Common engine symptoms include a loss of power and a decrease in speed. It might also become increasingly noisy. These sounds are akin to knocking metal or rattling clicks.

Here’s a tip if this happens on the road: as long as traffic allows it, lift the foot of the clutch so that the oil lubricates the cylinder. This helps lower the temperature and immobilize the car.

Repairing A Blown Engine

Trade in Car With Blown Engine Cash For Junk Car

When repairing a broken engine, it is advisable to always change the cylinder head gasket. This is because when opening the engine, it tends to deform and lose the original compression. If not changed, there is a risk of the engine crashing again.

It is also essential to correctly reassemble all parts of the engine that seized after the repair. This way that there are no clearances that can cause friction and irregular wear.

Tips for Trading in A Car With Engine Issues

When repairing a broken engine it is advisable to always change the cylinder head gasket. This is because when opening the engine it tends to deform and lose the original compression. If not changed, there would be a risk of the engine crashing again.

In addition, the replacement of the head gasket is relatively inexpensive. The complete kit is sold between $100 and $200. Cost also depends on the car’s make and model.

How much does it cost to repair a broken engine?

As with other repairs, the cost of fixing a broken engine will depend on the make and model of the vehicle as well as the extent of the damage caused by the breakdown. The cost of labor as well as the price of the engine or engine components can run you at least $1,000.

Buying a rebuilt or scrapped engine is a good option for those who cannot repair the engine of their vehicle. For a mid-range utility, the cost of a rebuilt engine can be around $1,600, although this price will only go up based on your model.

Taking a vehicle with a damaged engine to the auto-wrecking yard might a better option than trying to fix it. Try looking for car junkyards near you or simply junking it online if it is something you are considering.

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