Totaled Car Value Calculator - How Much is My Totaled Car Worth?

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How Much Is My Totaled Car Worth?

Junk car or not, your vehicle has value. It doesn’t matter if you drive the rattiest old Volvo from the eighties or a late-model Cadillac that’s been the victim of a major collision. Even if you can’t sell it through the normal classifieds channels, you can get money out of selling your junk car

That’s a good thing too because there’s an extremely high chance you spent thousands of dollars on it initially. But the problem with selling a vehicle that can’t be sold as a running and driving car is this: how much is a scrap car worth

What is the Value of My Totaled Car?

There’s no easy way to get the junk car value for your vehicle. It’s not like you can compare active listings you see on Craigslist, nor will the Fair Market Value calculator on help you see what you can sell for. As easy as it is to sell a salvage car, determining old car prices are certainly not as simple.

There are only two ways to determine whole car scrap prices. The value of a damaged car is either based on a car’s merits such as year, make, model, mileage, and condition. Or, scrap car prices are paid based on simply one factor: a car’s gross weight on the junkyard’s scale.

Neither method is right or wrong as long as you know what you’re getting into. But depending on your vehicle, you could be selling your car for much less than it’s worth.

Totaled Car Value Calculator Cash For Junk Car

How do Buyers Price My Damaged Vehicle?

At a junkyard, the weigh scale can be cruel. The only thing it takes into consideration is how many pounds a scrap car weighs. That weight is then multiplied by current scrap car prices.

Current prices fluctuate quite a bit. One day, it could be $150 per ton while the next it could be $185 or $200 per ton for whole car scrap prices. And for a 2-ton vehicle, the difference could be $100 or more.

You can always count on selling your car to the junkyard this way. It’s usually not the way to get the most money for it though.

Is My Car Totaled? – What You Need to Know About Selling A Wrecked Car

If you want to sell your car for as much as you can, then it’s better to sell to a junk car buyer. You’ll be able to command a better price because they take your vehicle’s details into account when you get a quote.

For example, a 2002 Lexus might weigh 4,000 pounds and be sold for $375 based on junk car prices. But a junk car buyer might see that it has a leather interior, nice wheels, and a clean title. That can mean higher junk car value – maybe $1,000 or higher.

What is The Value of My Totaled Car Cash For Junk Car

How Much Will I Get for My Totaled Car?

How do you determine how much to junk a car? You don’t want to leave any money on the table, so how do you know what a fair price is from a junk car buyer?

Since there’s no true car salvage value calculator that’s accurate, you’ll need to do a bit of homework. Don’t worry, it only takes a couple of minutes and it could help you pocket more cash.

Where Can I Sell A Crashed Car for Fair Market Value?

Pretend your damaged car isn’t junk; that it’s still in fair condition. Visit both and to evaluate your car’s value prior to being junk. Use the ‘Fair’ Trade-In Value or the ‘Rough’ value. That’s your starting point for your calculation. Let’s pretend you have a 2002 Lexus ES with 150,000 miles. The average of the two is around $1,400.

Factor the Damage In

Your car isn’t just in ‘fair’ or ‘rough’ condition. It’s junk. Naturally, that means its value isn’t as high. Determine how much damage your car has. If your vehicle is a burned out shell or has been decimated in a collision, take away 90 percent of that value. If it has light damage but can’t be certified, or if it’s in good shape but doesn’t run, take away 30 to 50 percent. Even more if it has major mechanical issues such as a blown engine or broken car parts

Sell Totaled Cars for Cash Cash For Junk Car

So – How Do I Know if My Car is Totaled?

For the example 2002 Lexus ES, you could get about $375 from the junkyard or you could get between $140 and $980 from a junk car buyer. I think you’d agree it makes sense to get a quote from buyers of junk cars near me.

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