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Your car is old and tired. It has cost you a small fortune in nickel-and-dime repairs over the past few years, and there’s alwaysAuto Salvage Yards Near Me Cash For Junk Car something else to fix. But being that it’s over the hill in both time and mileage, you aren’t expecting great things if you decide to sell it.

Auto Salvage Yards Near Me Cash For Junk Car

If you’ve decided it’s time to turf your old hunk of junk instead of dumping more coin into it, you probably still want to get some money out of it. That eliminates donating it to charity as well as letting it waste away in your backyard. And trading a junk car in is a non-starter – no dealership would give you the time of day for your scrap vehicle.

It’s either dropping it off at the junkyard – the end of the road for junk and salvage cars – or selling your scrap vehicle to one of the local car breakers. But what’s the difference to you?

Which one do you choose? Both serve the same purpose and that’s to get your junk car off the driveway and cash in what you can for it. But the two have some differences that could influence where you take your scrap vehicle.

Scrap Yards

The main agenda for scrap yards is to recycle your car’s materials so they can be made into new, shiny products in a bunch of different industries. When sell a car for scrap, it is unceremoniously shredded or crushed, separated into different raw materials, and eventually melted down to make into new stuff – even new cars.

Car Dismantlers

Dismantlers is a different theme altogether. When you sell them your junk scrap car, it’s taken apart piece by piece, and good used parts are resold. These are also known as recyclers. The great thing about taking your car to a dismantler is that you can feel good about your vehicle’s functioning parts getting put back into use.

What’s the Big Difference?

The difference is often in how you’re paid for the junk car you’re selling.

Sell Junk Car to A Salvage Yard Cash For Junk Car

For wrecking yards, you’re going to make a flat rate per ton. That means you’ll get a no-haggle amount for whatever your car weighs on the scale. It isn’t much, but at least you can buy pizza after with a few bucks left over. You’ll sell vehicle for scrap metal.

For a car breakers yard near me, there can be a couple different methods used to assess your car’s value. Like a scrap yard, it might be based solely on your car’s weight. But in some instances, dismantlers consider your car’s year, make and model, and condition before offering you a price. If your car’s body is in good condition or it’s still running strong, or if it’s a model that’s in high demand for recycled parts, you could command a higher selling price. For this style of selling, it truly depends on market supply and demand, and that can fluctuate daily or even minute to minute.

How to Locate Auto Salvage Yards Nearby

There is no shortage of places to sell a car for scrap. Scrap yards are found in every county of every state. But finding a good one isn’t quite so easy. Many scrap yards try to pull a fast one on you when you sell them junk and salvage cars, offering you less than a fair vehicle scrap value. You need to be careful to find one that treats customers fairly.

The best way to find a good scrap yard? Google it. Search for ‘car scrap yard near me’ and browse the results. Look at the star ratings to determine which scrap yards are the best in your area.

How to Sell Your Car at A Car Salvage Yard Quickly

Find a Junk Yard Near Me Cash For Junk Car

Finding people who buy junk cars can be more challenging. There are fewer around than scrap yards. Although there’s a chance you could be paid more for junk and salvage cars, there might not be a car dismantler within a distance that’s reasonable to tow it.

Like scrap yards, you’ll need to be cautious when selling to a dismantler. Good junk car buyers pay top dollar others may attempt to undervalue your car so they can make more profit.

One way to decipher who pays a good price for your whole car is to call and ask a question about an individual part – the catalytic converter. Its core is coated in precious metals that can be recovered, and dismantlers are keen to collect this valuable emissions component. Call around and ask for the catalytic converter scrap price by vehicle and make your choice according to the one that pays the most.

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