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How Selling A Car for Parts Works

Are you retiring your ride? The easy way to get rid of it is definitely to sell it whole – either to a regular Joe who wants it or to a junkyard. But that’s not the way to get the most money out of it, or so you’ve heard. When you’ve told people, “I wanna sell my junk car,” you get asked if you’ve considered to sell it to places that buy cars for parts instead, because that’s where the good money is.

Sell Car for Parts Cash For Junk Car

Moreover, If you play your cards right, you CAN get more if you sell your car for parts. Depending on the year, make, and model of the car you drive, you can get three, four, or five times as much by selling it for parts – maybe more.

However, that that doesn’t take into account are the major differences between selling a complete or damaged car and cars sold for parts. Additionally, It can be a minor hassle to sell a junk car fully intact, and you might not get as much money. The alternative is attractive because you get more out of it, but there’s a huge time investment involved. You need to take off parts that people want to buy from you, clean them up, test them, advertise them, and meet up with different people that buy these cars.

So before you decide to sell your non running car for parts, think about whether you have the time to do it, and if the extra money is worth all your time, cut fingers, and the space necessary to store the parts.

Who Buys Cars for Parts Near Me? – Which Parts Are The Most Valuable?

If you go ahead with selling your car for parts, there are a handful that are most valuable, so long as they’re in working order. But which places will buy cars for parts, and which parts are the most sought after?

The engine is obviously a top seller, no matter what make and model you drive. If you can sell the engine on its own, you could get a few hundred dollars for it. Specialty engines are double the price or higher. On the flip side, it will take several hours of labor to take it out of the car.

The transmission is also another big-ticket item. A transmission in good working condition commands about as much as an engine. Like the engine, it’s going to take a few hours to pull it from the rusty, wrecked body of your car.

If you’re trying to sell truck for parts, the differentials, transfer case, and wheels are a few hot items too. When we say we buy cars for parts – we mean all forms of automotive transport.

Electrical parts like switches, radios, heater controls, and levers are great to sell, but they aren’t in high demand. You may benefit from taking them off the car, but you could be hanging onto them for awhile before they sell.

Windows, trim pieces, and body panels might eventually sell too. Because they’re big and bulky, the space they take up isn’t worth the money you’ll get for them.

Things to Know About Selling A Car for Parts Online

Wondering how to sell a car for parts? It’s not that hard, but you need to know the steps involved.

How to Sell My Car for Parts Online Cash For Junk Car

First, take the working parts off the car. Basically, strip anything off that you think you can sell. Fixing before selling is always key.

Next, clean up the parts you’ve removed. Buy a bunch of cloths and get scrubbing, buddy. It’s going to net you more money if you’re selling clean parts, not greasy, grimy parts. The same applies to cars that have been wrecked or totaled.

Then, advertise the parts you have online. Pick Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or a local classifieds section to post about the parts you have for sale.

With the carcass picked as clean as you want, haul the rest to the junkyard & sell it for scrap. You’ll get a bit of cash for it from a private party, and that’s a bonus.

Next, you wait. In time, someone will inquire about buying a part or two. Haggle a price, meet the buyer, collect the cash, and do it all over again for the next piece.

Where Can I Sell My Car for Parts Near Me?

Where Can I Sell My Car for Parts Near Me Cash For Junk Car

Your best option for selling used car parts is online. Long gone are the days where posting a sign at the grocery store or in the newspaper is effective. And to get the maximum exposure for your ad, pay the small fee to bump your ad to the top of the list. We, however, are known for buying cars for parts.

Your customers for used car parts may be anyone. It could be a student on a tight budget, a family that’s keeping their clunker on the road, a classic car enthusiast who needs a missing piece, or someone who doesn’t want to pay the high retail price for new parts. There are also salvage yards, or people who buy junk cars for flipping purposes.

What they have in common is this: they don’t want to pay very much for used parts. You’ll be lucky to sell parts for a quarter of their value new. In many cases, it’s just pennies on the dollar you’ll get.

So – How Do I Sell My Car for Parts Quickly?

Are you reconsidering your plans? Maybe selling your junk car for parts isn’t the best idea, even if you can scrounge together a few extra dollars because of it.

It would be easier to sell your car to Junk Car Masters. You’ll get a fair price for your car in as-is condition whether it’s smashed, crashed, burned, flooded, or just rusty. As an added bonus you don’t have to disassemble, clean, or store old car parts around your house or garage.

Better yet, you can get a no-obligation online offer for your car. If the price looks good to you, you’ll have cash in hand and a bunch of work off your plate. Did we mention that towing & removal is free? So stop looking for places that buy cars for parts and sell yours now!

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