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You’ve been driving your car for nearly 10 years. It’s gotten you where you need to go with no issues in the past. But now, you can barely drive it to work without it breaking down.

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You’ve had pieces replaced, the exterior repainted, and it feels like all your weekends are spent at the mechanic. At this point, your car has become pretty useless.

This might be the point that you begin considering getting a new car and getting rid of your junk one. But who will buy such an old car that barely runs?

Fortunately, junk and salvage yards buy junk cars every day no matter the condition they are in. Continue below to find out how much you can get for your junk car and learn about a better alternative.

Is My Car Junk?

First off, is your car really junk? Should you try to sell to a salvage yard or will you be able to sell it to another driver?

Different people have different ideas about what a junk car is. For instance, some drivers might define a junk car to be one that is approaching 100,000 miles. They think it is junk even if everything is still intact and maintenance costs have not increased.

On the other hand, someone else might think that a car is only junk if it is involved in a serious accident and is unrecognizable and irreparable.

All in all, it depends on whether you are still able to use your vehicle with few issues and the amount of money you are spending to keep it functional. A car that is falling apart, shutting down constantly, and costing thousands of dollars to fix might be ready to hit the junkyard.

How Much Will I Get From A Junkyard For My Car?

Junkyards value scrap metal. Your junk car is full of different kinds of metals including copper, aluminum, and steel. Some parts, such as the catalytic converter, contain rarer metals like platinum and palladium that can sell at high prices.

Scrapyards determine the worth of cars by weight. The heavier a car, the more it will sell for regardless of its condition. However, scrap metal prices can vary daily, weekly, monthly, and by geographic location. This means that you might get one estimate for your car one day and a totally different one the next.

Thus, it is difficult to predict the amount that you can receive by selling your car to a junkyard. You might be able to make anywhere from $150 to $2,000 for your whole car. Visiting different junkyards and requesting quotes will help you to get a better idea of how much you will get for your junk car.

Cons Of Selling To Junkyards Yourself

While junkyards make it easy to get rid of your old clunker, there are several things you must be wary of. First, junkyards often pull a bait and switch on customers: they will give you one estimate over the phone and then tell you that your car is worth way less once it’s in their yard.

Also, many of them charge for towing even if your car is completely immobile. This can run you around $100. Then, if you don’t agree with their quote, you’ll have to pay again to get your car home.

Clearly, junkyards don’t make it easy to sell your car to them.

Why You Should Sell To JunkCarMasters

There are many reasons why you should sell your car to JunkCarMasters. First, you can do so from the comfort of your own home! Instead of going around town checking out different salvage yards and comparing quotes, you can get a great deal with just a few clicks with us!

Furthermore, with JunkCarMasters, your offer is guaranteed. This means that you will receive the exact quote we give you in cash. There is no haggling or bait-and-switching involved. We strive to make this process as transparent and easy as possible for you.

While many junkyards will charge you for towing, our services are free. We can pick up your junk from wherever it is at no charge to you. Our driver will arrive with your check and all you have to do is provide your car keys and title.

The best part is that this all takes just 24 to 48 hours. From the moment you submit your online form to receiving the check, you can be done with the whole process in 2 days or less. So, sell your junk car to JunkCarMasters now!

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