How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car

How much does it cost to tow a car? JunkCarMasters explains the average cost of towing a car — and lets you know how to get a free towing instead.

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Towing services can be quite costly, especially if you’re not aware of all the factors that can impact the final bill.

We’ll dive into the average cost of towing a car, what goes into pricing towing services, and if your insurance covers towing.

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How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car?

Towing costs vary, with the majority of the pricing determined by how far a vehicle needs to be towed.

Nationally, the average cost of a tow is $109. However, this is only a total cost average and rates may vary to the point that you can anticipate paying between $2.50-$7.00 per mile.

Aside from the distance being towed, the size of your vehicle and time of day will impact the cost of your vehicle.

Heavier vehicles, night time and weekend tows, as well as holiday tows will demand a higher payment from you.

Furthermore, the terrain through which your car must be towed can influence the end price as well.

Towing Cost Per Mile


Average Cost


$35 - $125


$65 - $125


$105 - $185


$165 0 $300


$325 - $450

On top of transporting your vehicle, towing costs factor in the gas used by the tow company to your location and then to the final destination.

Towing vehicles after a collision is also significantly more expensive than towing one that’s just broken down.

How Does Tow Pricing Work?

car on tow truck

While most tow companies charge between $50 - $150 for a local tow of 5 to 10 miles, there are other factors that can drive your costs up or down. Those include:

Larger, heavier vehicles like buses and RVs require larger towing trucks which come with a higher towing cost.

Providing accurate descriptions of your vehicle is imperative to getting the proper tow truck sent (and avoiding extra costs!).

  • Time of Day - The time you need a tow also influences the price of the tow. Towing companies that operate at night will likely charge more for their services than they would during the day.

On top of that, requiring a tow on public holidays likely means you have fewer options than a normal business day.

Companies will charge more on these days, but you can do some negotiating with your provider to get the price adjusted if need be.

  • Distance - As mentioned earlier, the distance you’ve got to be towed will impact the total cost of the towing services.

Many towing services won’t charge for travel under a certain limit, but once that mile marker is passed, they begin to start adding to your total.

  • Winch - In the event that your vehicle is stuck somewhere where it can’t be easily retrieved, then the tow truck driver will have to hook it up to the winch and pull it out.

A winch is considered a piece of heavy equipment and the use of that service will add a few extra dollars onto your final towing cost.

Will My Insurance Cover Towing Costs?

Whether or not your insurance company pays your towing costs depends on the insurer and your policy.

If your auto insurance has roadside assistance, then they will pay for a tow if your vehicle is diabled within a distance limit specified on your policy.

They may also cover the towing costs after your vehicle is involved in a collision, assuming you are unable to drive the car at all.

Tow Services Covered By Roadside

  • Towing your vehicle within a 15-mile radius or to the nearest qualified repair shop beyond 15 miles.
  • Winching services.
  • Towing electric vehicles to the closest charging station.
  • Locksmith services for lost keys or keys accidentally locked in your car.
  • Fuel delivery (where you pay for the cost of the fuel)
  • Changing flat fires and jump starting dead batteries.

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Do Credit Cards Offer Towing Services?

Some credit cards still offer roadside assistance (and, therefore, towing services) as a benefit. That said, many credit cards only assist with the arranging of towing services, leaving the payment of that towing service up to you.

Does Towing Hurt Your Car?

Towing your car places additional strain on the vehicle’s components, from the engine all the way to its brakes. Constant towing of a car or trailer will result in increased wear and tear and the larger the vehicle being towed, the more substantial wear and damage it will incur.

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