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Saying goodbye to your truck is never easy, but that doesn’t mean selling it has to be a challenge. No matter your truck’s age or condition, it still has value.

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While this may be hard to believe if your truck has been declared totaled or is in rough shape after years of use, it’s important to remember that your truck is over 5,000 pounds of metal and machinery — most of which is still useful to someone. Getting a good price for your truck is all about knowing where to sell it.

Knowing It’s Time

In the absence of your insurance company telling you outright your truck is totaled, knowing it’s time to junk your vehicle can be a tricky decision to make. The best way to approach the decision is by asking yourself honestly about your vehicle’s performance, and consider how often you’re visiting the mechanic.

If your most recent mechanic assessment is predicting repairs that cost half what your car is worth, it’s time to junk it. Other times, you won’t have one staggering bill to make that choice for you. Instead, consider the nature of the repairs you’re needing to make and if the cumulative cost of them is worth it against the car’s value.

Performance decline is also important to take note of. While it may not seem like a big deal now that you’re having to stop at the gas station more often or that you’re taking longer to achieve speed when the light turns green, these can be signs your engine is starting to go.

Engine repairs and replacements can be thousands of dollars, and if the deterioration is simply due to old age, your engine likely isn’t the only system that’s starting to seize up. It’s not worth your safety or the money required to maintain a truck once it’s hit a certain point.

If your truck was damaged in an accident and your insurance company has told you it’s totaled, selling it to them isn’t your only option. Your insurer will have the obligation no matter what to “make you whole,” that is, send you a check for the value of your car minus your deductible.

Should you offer to buy your truck back, you’ll receive this amount minus an additional sum for what the insurance company thinks they would have made selling your vehicle at an auction. You’ll get the check along with your truck and a salvage title for it, allowing you to sell it for more money overall.

Should I Junk My Truck?

If you’re wondering what it means to “junk” a vehicle, you’re not alone. Considering the term means garbage in everyday use, it can be confusing trying to guess the difference between junking a car and throwing a car away at a landfill. Funnily enough, junking is synonymous with recycling rather than disposing.

Junking your truck means having it broken down, parted out, and properly recycled. If you consider the size of just your truck, and that 12 million vehicles a year are recycled, that’s a lot of landfill space being saved.

Auto recycling is a complicated process. First, all of the parts that are still good are separated to be sold again to drivers looking to save on their repairs. When those parts go to market, they’re sold at a discount of 20 to 80 percent compared to their new counterparts.

Next, all of the recyclable material from your truck is removed to be melted down and used elsewhere. As the demand for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes increases, more and more automakers are looking to auto recyclers for materials for cars. That means the metal, glass, and plastic making your truck up now may find new life on the road in a brand new vehicle somewhere!

All toxic materials from the truck (namely all those fluids in your engine!) are drained and properly disposed of to keep our soil and water clean. The remaining, no recyclable parts of the car (on average, the last 20 percent of it) are crushed down to be disposed of in a landfill. The process of auto recycling saves the environment, your fellow drivers, and lands you the most money possible for your damaged truck.

Where To Sell A Junk Truck

When you’re ready to sell your truck, you’ll need to prepare a few things before you seek our quotes. First, make sure you have your title available. Your DMV can provide a copy in a week or two if yours is missing provided you fill out a simple application.

Next, take some pictures of your car and write down its VIN. If you plan to call around for quotes, you may wish to find mechanic records for your truck to answer questions on its maintenance and damage history.

To find quotes, you have a couple options available to you. First is the classic method — call every junkyard in town, answer questions about your truck, and receive a quote. These calls can become tedious, especially when you consider that it’s wise to check with each junkyard about their title transfer and towing policies.

To save the trouble, sell your truck online. JunkCarMasters.com knows exactly how much damaged trucks like yours are worth, and we believe you deserve every bit of that value. JunkCarMasters works with trusted salvage buyers near you to get you the best quote possible on your truck.

To get a quote with us, simply upload photos of your truck and your VIN and you’ll get a guaranteed quote in just 90 seconds! Towing and title transfer are always on us, so once you accept your quote all you’ll need to do is schedule your free pickup. A driver can be to you within 24-48 hours with payment in hand!

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