Junking A Car Online - How You Can Do It & Come Out ON TOP

Upgrading to a new car should be an exciting time, but many drivers find themselves overwhelmed at the first step - getting rid of the old one. For those looking to sell old or damaged cars, that prospect can be even more intimidating. Luckily, selling your car (regardless of its condition) is actually very simple. Read on for the how and why of car recycling, and learn how it’s a great option for you!

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How Do I Know I Have a Junk Car?

With “junk” in the name, it’s easy to picture a rusty old hunk of metal as the standard junk car. Really, what determines whether a car is ready to salvage can vary quite a lot!

The most obvious example of a junk car would be, of course, a car your insurance company has declared totaled. If that’s the position you’re in, be sure to contact your insurance company about buying back your car. You’ll get a smaller check upfront, but selling your car with its salvage title will make you more in the long run.

Without an accident, deciding which mechanical problems warrant recycling the whole car may be trickier. The best way to go about it is to evaluate the damage the same way your insurance company would after an accident. Compare the cost of the proposed repairs against the market value of your car. If you’re looking at repairs that cost half or more of what your car is worth, it’s time to junk it.

Other instances include repairs that may be doable but damage the integrity of the car long term, such as frame damage or engine decline. Natural wear and tear occurs over the lifetime of your car, and worsened performance (ie fuel consumption or acceleration rate) can be signs your engine is starting to go. Engine repairs or replacements can cost thousands of dollars, and often take place at a point where other systems in the car may start to break from age as well.

What Is Junking a Car?

Once again, junk proves to be a misnomer when it comes to junking cars. What this term refers to is the process by which a car is broken down, parted out, and recycled when it goes to a junkyard. The average car that gets recycled is made up of 80 percent still-usable material. This material consists of parts that can be resold as-is and resources that need to be melted down and repurposed.

Parts like your side mirrors, stereo, and power locks will go on to save your fellow drivers up to 80 percent on their repairs. The metal, glass, plastic, and rubber that make up the body of your car will go on to be used in the manufacturing of other cars and road construction.

Junking cars is the best way to make money from damaged or older vehicles because your buyers are experts in exactly how much your car is still worth. Beyond that, when you recycle your car you do the planet a big favor. Keeping cars out of landfills prevents soil and water pollution as well as prevents using space intended for non-recyclable materials. That’s a decision your wallet and the planet can feel good about!

Where to Junk Your Car?

Auto recycling facilities are everywhere. The challenge comes with finding the one that’s going to give you the best possible price for your car. Calling every junkyard in town can be tedious, not to mention make it difficult to assess the safety of each business you talk to. Unfortunately, some junkyards have been known to scam customers.

To keep yourself safe when selling your car, just have a few rules in mind. Never sell your car without properly transferring your title, or do business with a buyer who offers to buy without a title. Your title certifies who is legally responsible for the car and proves you have permission to sell it. Never bring your car in for an evaluation before receiving a quote, and never accept offers for deferred or alternative payment.

You could also save yourself the hassle of safety screening and a day full of phone calls by selling your car online with JunkCarMasters.com! JunkCarMasters is a website that matches you with trusted local buyers looking for cars just like yours. We do all the work for you of finding the best quote, transferring your title, and we cover towing!

Because your car is being dismantled rather than used by the buyer, preparation for sale is a lot easier. No need to stress about the car being spotless! All you need to do is have your title ready, take some pictures of your car, and write down its VIN. If you can’t find your title, contact your DMV about obtaining a copy.

Next, go to JunkCarMasters.com and upload your pictures and VIN. That’s all it takes to get a free, guaranteed quote in just 90 seconds! Once you accept your quote, schedule your free pickup at a time that works best for you. A tow driver can pick up your car within 24-48 hours! When the driver arrives you’ll sign over your title, hand over your keys, and take your cash. That’s it! Sell your junk car for a great price in just a day with JunkCarMasters.

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