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An old clunker sitting in your driveway or garage can feel burdensome, or hearing from your insurance company that your new car is totaled can be devastating. No matter how you ended up with a junk car, you’ll need to get rid of it to move on to your next vehicle.

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Though your junk car may not be of much use anymore getting you around, it’s far from worthless. You just need to know where to sell it.

Who Buys Junk Cars?

For most of us, cars are simply how we get around — if they can no longer do that, they’re no longer useful. What’s important to remember, though, is that cars are complicated machines made up of thousands of parts.

Odds are, whatever stopped your car from driving is affecting no more than a few of these components. That means the rest of your car, all it’s working parts and recyclable materials, are designated junk when only a few bad parts are to blame. This is where junkyards and car salvagers come in.

Many people conflate junkyards with the local landfill — imagining that objects sent to the junkyard sit in piles untouched. That couldn’t be further from the truth! When cars go to the junkyard (and about 12 million annually do), they’re broken down by professionals who know the worth and utility of all the different pieces that make up the vehicle.

First, all of the still-working parts are separated to be sold in the used parts market. Those used parts go on to save other drivers up to 80 percent when they buy used parts instead of new ones to perform repairs.

Next, all the recyclable components are separated. The metal, glass, plastic, and rubber are melted down to be used elsewhere — often in road construction and the manufacturing of new vehicles! This whole recycling process is also often known as “parting out” a car, and is the most profitable and eco-friendly way to dispose of a car that no longer drives.

Finally, all of the fluids are drained from the car to be disposed of properly. This prevents the soil and water pollution caused by cars disposed of in landfills. Any parts that couldn’t be recycled are compressed into a cube the size of your fist and thrown away.

How to Sell Your Junk Car

Selling your junk car is easier than you may expect. The first thing you need to do to prepare for sale is to make sure you’ve got your title available.

Outside of a few special circumstances, you should never sell a car without a title! Your title not only proves that you have the legal right to sell your car, but it also certifies that you’re legally liable for it.

Some untrustworthy junk buyers have been known to buy cars without titles as a “favor” to the owner, only to store the car and later pursue the owner for accumulated storage fees! Because the title wasn’t transferred, the victims of this scam have little legal recourse and are usually obligated to the fees they accumulated.

If your title is missing, don’t worry. Contact your local DMV about applying for a new copy. You should be able to get one for a small fee within a couple of business days.

If your car has been declared totaled by your insurance company, you have the opportunity to buy your car back and receive a salvage title with it. This will allow you to sell your car for more money in total than you would have received selling it to your insurance company.

Once you’ve got your title, photograph your car and write down it’s VIN. These will help you obtain an accurate quote.

All you have to do now is find a buyer! Traditionally, you would have to call every junkyard in town, answer questions about your car, and receive a quote via the phone.

If you’re looking to save the hassle of making all those calls, you’re in luck. All you need is a smartphone or computer to sell your car from the comfort of your own home!

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