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If your car has driven its last mile, or you’ve been in an accident and received it back totaled with a salvage title, you’ll be looking to get rid of it fast. Getting rid of your old car and into a safe and functional new vehicle is a top priority, but selling a junk car may be intimidating if you haven’t had to do so before.

With the right know-how, selling to a salvage yard is a quick and easy way to make the most money from your old junk car. And, with today’s online resources, all you really need is a smartphone or computer to get your junk car out of your driveway and extra cash in your wallet.

Find out what to look out for when selling to a salvage yard — and discover why is the right choice for you!

Why Should You Junk Your Car at a Salvage Yard?

Trading your car into a dealership likely won’t save you much on the down-payment for your next car. Most dealerships don’t know what to do with scrap vehicles and sell them for whatever they can make at auction.

Selling your car privately will also be difficult if it’s in bad shape or can’t drive, and if you have a salvage title it may be even tougher. Salvage titles can carry hefty insurance costs, which many buyers aren’t willing to commit to. Unless your car is unique or collectible in some fashion, odds are its current condition will put off most buyers.

That doesn’t mean no one wants to buy your car, though! The vehicle recycling industry is one of the fastest-growing in the country, with 12 million cars being recycled annually.

The process of recycling a car first involves draining all of its liquids and disposing of them safely. This prevents these fluids from contaminating soil or water sources. Then, all reusable or recyclable parts are stripped from the car.

Things that can be resold are put back into the used car part market, which saves other drivers money and saves the planet the environmental toll of manufacturing new car parts. Rubber, glass, and plastic components are melted down to be recycled. Whatever can’t be recycled is reduced to a fist-sized hunk of metal that can be disposed of without hogging valuable landfill space.

Which Salvage Yard Is Right For You?

More than likely, if you were to search “car salvage near me”, you’d get quite a few results. How should you know which one will give you the best quote, and how can you identify a disreputable scrap yard?

Here are some salvage yard dos and don’ts you can keep in mind while you shop for quotes that will keep you safe and help ensure that you’re working with a trustworthy business.

Do: Get your quote over the phone or online. A reliable salvage yard employee will ask you questions about your car to help come up with a quote. The more you know, the more accurate your quote will be. That said, they know you’re not an expert. Your quote should be the same as what you get when you’re paid, provided you didn’t leave out any major damage over the phone or through the web.

Don't: Bring your car in for a quote. Some junkyards will claim they can only provide a quote provided an in-person inspection. This saddles you with the cost of towing, and some junkyards will charge an “inspection fee” after the fact.

Others will low-ball you and hope you’re so frustrated from transporting it there, or unwilling to tow it back, that you’ll give up and accept the unfair offer.

Do: Get free towing. You should never have to pay to have your car towed by a junk car buyer.

Don't: Pay a tow driver who says you’re expected to pay at the time the service is given. The tow driver should be compensated by the junkyard before they arrive to take your car.

Do: Sign over your title properly to the salvage yard. Contact your local DMV if you have questions about this process, or want to check that the transfer was made successfully.

Don't: Sell without a title or forget to sign over your part of the title before handing the car over. If the title of your car is still in your name, it’s still your legal responsibility.

Some salvage yards will try to force you to pay months later for storing your car there, and there isn’t much you can do about it since it’s still legally yours. If these fines are sent to collection agencies, you may face harassment or damage to your credit score.

Do: Sell your car with! Our website can give you a guaranteed quote in 90 seconds. All we need from you is a description, a few current pictures of your car and its Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN (a 17 digit number unique to your vehicle).

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