Your Car Won't Start? Here's What You Can Do

So your car won't start, and you aren't sure what it could mean. Are you in for major repairs or an easy fix? JunkCarMasters has the cheat sheet to quick solutions.

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There are very few feelings that will drop your stomach into your feet faster than turning the key in your ignition and nothing happening. At this point, you’ve got to fight the urge to panic and take a good listen to your car. 

Whatever sound it does or doesn’t make will tell you if you can fix the problem yourself…or if you’re about to call a tow truck.

No Lights, No Sound

If neither your lights are on, nor does your car make a sound then your problem might be a connection with your car’s battery.

Action: Check the cables connecting your battery. Even if everything looks alright, try to twist them with your hands. If you can turn them, then the connection is loose. Disconnect then clean them with a paper towel or a rag. Afterwards, reconnect them with a wrench to tighten the clamps.

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Alternatively, no lights and no sound could mean you have a dead battery.

Action: You’ll likely need a jump to get your battery started back up. Find some jumper cables and a friendly passerby willing to provide you with a little juice.

It’s Making A Clicking Noise

If your car is making an audible clicking sound when you turn the ignition, your battery may just be weak.

Action: Turn on your headlights and judge how brightly they shine. If they’re bright, your battery is perfectly fine and your issue may be the connection or starter. If they’re dim, then your battery is weak and you should attempt to jump start it.

Cranks Normally, Engine Still Won’t Fire

If your engine just won’t fire, then you’re likely out of gas.

Action: Find a portable fuel tank and get some gas into your car.

It could also be a blown fuse that’s for the fuel pump or ignition circuit.

Action: Fuse failures are easy to spot. If you see a broken metal strip with a tiny bit of black around it, you’ve got your culprit. Consult your manual and replace the fuse.

The Dying Crank

This may also be the result of a weak battery.

Action: Like before, you should get a jump for your weak battery. The difference here is that you’re going to need to take your car to a mechanic ASAP. This problem will come back soon, so it’s best to nip it in the bud as fast as you can.

It Cranks With A Grinding Sound

If your car is making a grinding noise when it cranks then the starter is not engaging the flywheel.

Action: Turn your ignition on and off a few times, until the flywheel catches and starts. Then immediately take your car to the mechanic, because your flywheel is missing teeth and needs to be replaced.

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JunkCarMasters: Your Other Option

Your car not starting is heartbreaking for more than one reason. One of those being “it could need repairs.” Unfortunately, unexpected repairs cost money you may not have or may not want to invest into your current car.

No problem.

JunkCarMasters specializes in less than perfect cars. If your car just won’t start, contact us and we’ll take it off your hands while giving you a little extra change to go towards your new set of wheels. Also, don’t worry about having it towed to us; we provide that on the house.

Why won’t my car start but it has power?

Your car is likely having issues with its starter, battery, battery connections, ignition switch, or fuel pump. Some of these can be resolved yourself, but most will need a professional’s experienced eye to diagnose.

Can A Car Battery Recharge Itself?

Car batteries DO NOT recharge themselves. The alternator is the portion of the engine that recharges your battery, specifically while the car is being driven.

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