Can You Sell A Car Without A Title?

In some states (California), you can sell a junk car without a title. Find out how much you can get for your clunker.

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It’s not easy keeping track of paperwork, especially with an old junk car that you don’t drive anymore. You may have completely forgotten where you put the title. Not a big deal, right? Especially if you’re only expecting to get a few hundred dollars from selling it. You can just sell a junk car without the title, right?

Who Buys Junk Cars Without Title Cash For Junk Car

Wrong. Under no condition should you agree to sell to anyone who buys junk cars without a title. It’s one of the clearest indicators that you’re dealing with a shady junk car buyer. It is a serious red flag that you might be getting scammed.

Today, we’re going to show you why.

What You Should Know About Junkyards that Buy Cars Without a Title

So let’s say you get rid of a junk car locally without its title. Maybe it’s an old truck you inherited from a relative. A clunker that was just taking up space in the driveway. Or, maybe it’s a rusty heap that hasn’t started or run in years.

It’s a cash deal. The buyer forks over a few dollars, tows your car away, and you assume you’re in the clear.

Cash for Junk Cars 1 Cash For Junk Car

Then, several months down the line, you get a bill in the mail. You are being charged auto dismantlers and junk yards “storage and maintenance” fees for the car you sold. You’ve practically forgotten about the deal, and there’s no way you’re paying the bill. But guess what: your name is still on the title.

That means you’re legally still on the hook. The junk yard owner explains this over the phone and threatens to take you to court for the fees.

It’s absolutely a scam, but since you never signed over the title, the sale technically never happened. Even though money changed hands, you’re still the legal owner of the vehicle.

That means any parking tickets, accidents, or illegal activities the car is involved in are your responsibility. If you’re lucky, a judge might see through the scam and let you off the hook, but that’s a pretty big “if.”

When Can I Sell a Junk Car Without a Title?

In some states, with certain vehicles, it is legal to sell your junk car without a title. However, the process is almost always more complicated than simply obtaining a replacement title and signing it over.

For example, Florida law doesn’t require a title transfer for cars that are over ten years old and valued at $1,000 or less. But you must still complete paperwork (a Declaration of Ownership) as well as provide thumbprints and a copy of your driver’s license.

Meanwhile getting a replacement title requires you to fill out one simple form and provide proof of identity.

It’s Best Not to Sell a Junk Car Without a Title

Here at JunkCarMasters, we’re always looking out for your best interest. As such, we always require a title at the time of sale. It only takes a few minutes to get a replacement title, and signing over the title is the quickest and most reliable way to close the deal. Then, you can get paid and move on with your life. It’s part of the reason why we’re one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Instead of spending the whole weekend shopping around local junk car buyers and trying to find one who will buy your car without a title you can spend just 90 seconds getting a guaranteed quote with our online pricing tool.

Then, it will only take a few more minutes to find the title replacement forms online at your state’s DMV website. Once you’ve got your title, we can be there to pick up your vehicle and put payment in your hand within 24 to 48 hours.

Who Buys Junk Cars Without A Title?

Outside of California, few reputable businesses will buy a junk car without a title. Even in California, it's typically much easier to complete a sale when the vehicle owner has the title. The title can prove that the seller owns the vehicle — without it, businesses risk an illegal transaction of a stolen car.

If you're the legal owner of the vehicle but lost the title, trying to find someone who will take your car without a title can be a near-impossible endeavor. You can open up your possibilities by requesting a duplicate title, which may be much easier and cheaper than you think to complete.

At JunkCarMasters, our associate buyers can walk you through the process of getting a duplicate title in your state. Once you have the title, you can sell your vehicle with us for a fair market price, with free towing included. We can come to you and pick up your vehicle within 24-48 business hours!

Can I Sell A Junk Car Without A Title?

In most cases, it's difficult or impossible to sell your vehicle without the title in hand. The title proves you have legal ownership over the car, and most car buyers will require it to complete a transaction.

Luckily, if the title is in your name but you lost it, it's easy to get a duplicate. Our associate buyers can walk you through the process of requesting a duplicate title in your state, and then make an offer on your car with free towing and title transfer included! Reach out to us today to start the process of getting your duplicate title and selling your junk car fast.

How Much Is A Junk Car Without A Title Worth?

If you can't sell it, nothing. And without a title, most buyers will be reluctant to purchase your junk vehicle. That's why it makes more sense to request a duplicate title from your local DMV.

At JunkCarMasters, our associate buyers know how to walk you through the process of requesting a duplicate title for your junk car in your state. We'll also make you an offer for your car with free towing included, and pay you on the spot for it in 24-48 business hours after you accept our offer. Of course, you need the title before we can make the offer.

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