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Selling your scrap car in Los Angeles has never been easier with JunkCarMasters. We offer cash on the spot for clunkers, jalopies, and beaters.

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When selling a scrap car, you want the best deal possible. Plain and simple. At first, this might seem straightforward. You post your car online, get a few nibbles, but no serious offers. 

Then, the seasons change, and before you know it, you’ve been staring at this clunker in your driveway for the past six months. So, what now? 

Who Buys Junk Cars in Los Angeles?

Here’s the good news: you have many options when selling your scrap car. Here’s the bad news: not all junk car buyers offer fair deals. 

You can expect lowball offers from the usual suspects: 

options for selling scrap car
  • Pick n’ pull junkyards. In this situation, you’ll sell your car to a junkyard that lets mechanics "pick n’ pull” the pieces they want. The junkyard takes a percentage of anything it sells, and you get the rest. This means you could get pennies on the dollar for a perfectly good transmission. 

  • Online shoppers. You could post your car on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp and wait for the right buyer to come by. Yet, this could take a while. What’s more, you could have to deal with scammers, insultingly low offers, and people who are just plain sketchy. 

  • Dealerships. You could try selling your scrap car to a dealership, but keep in mind that you might not get cash. Instead, you might get credits that you could use toward the purchase of another used vehicle from that lot. 

  • An auction. Auctions are exciting, but they’re also unpredictable. One day, you could sell your scrap car to the highest bidder and walk away with a nice chunk of change. However, on another day, you could watch someone purchase your car for next to nothing. 

How to Scrap Your Car in LA

You’re in a position of power here at JunkCarMasters. That’s because it’s a seller’s market––and we’re paying top-dollar for your scrap car. 

Even if you haven’t driven the thing in years, we want it. Getting cash for your vehicle takes virtually no time at all. 

Here’s the rundown: 

  1. First, you fill out our easy-to-use online form where we ask for some basic information about your car’s make, model, year, and mileage. Try to be as accurate as you can when supplying this information. There’s a big price difference between a car made in 2002 and a car made in 2020, for instance. 

  2. Once you hit “Get an Offer,” you’re guaranteed an offer within 90 seconds. We include many factors in our proposals, including current market trends and the specifics of the car itself. You don’t even have to make a decision right away; you have seven days to think about it. 

  3. There are no hidden costs when we come to tow your car. After all, we’re buying from you. Once your scrap car is gone, it’s really out of sight, out of mind. You don’t pay any money to junk your car. 

Signs It’s Time to Scrap Your Car

signs its time to scrap your car

It’s reasonable to think twice about scrapping a used car––especially if it has sentimental value. 

However, there are times when selling it just make sense. You should consider saying adios to your used car if: 

  • It constantly needs repairs. It’s one thing if a car periodically needs an oil change or rotated tires. It’s a different story if the vehicle is constantly breaking down, subject to recalls, or in general costs a lot to maintain. Soon, the cost of repairs could outweigh the value of the car itself. 

  • The car hasn’t been used in months. Unlike wine, cars do not age well. The longer a car remains undriven, the more it’ll degrade and require new parts. As the sentiment above echoes, there’s no use pouring money into a lost cause. You’re better off selling the car for scrap metal than pursuing thousand-dollar repairs later. 

  • The insurance company deemed the car a total loss. Whether from a collision or general wear-and-tear, upon filing a claim, an insurer may deem a car “totaled.” This means that the cost of fixing the car is more than the car’s actual cash value. In this instance, an insurer may refuse to cover a car with such extreme damage. It could also be unsafe to drive. 

You could also just sell your car because you plain feel like it. Life is short. Why not turn that clunker into cash? 

Who Gives the Most Cash for Junk Cars in LA? 

get the most cash for your junk car in LA

JunkCarMasters doesn’t just offer the most for junk cars in LA; we’re a remote service that makes thousands of offers nationwide each year. When you sell us your car, you get: 

  • A secure transaction. There are a lot of online scammers who stop at nothing to con people out of their cars. Not us. We have years of experience perfecting our secure transaction process, meaning you don’t release your vehicle until you get payment. 

  • A waiting period. As noted, you get seven days to think about whether to accept an offer. This grants the time to research your options and make an informed decision. We’re not worried. We know you’ll like what we have to offer. 

  • Cold, hard cash. You don’t get a pre-paid credit card or dealership funbucks when you sell us your scrap car. You get cash in hand. Want to go on vacation? See ya. Want to buy a new car? That’s another business. 

An offer on your as-is car. It’s okay if your car is missing certain components or hasn’t gone from point A to point B in years. We want it. Many times, we extend three-figure offers.

Where Should I Scrap My Car in LA?

You could drive your car into the Los Angeles River, report it stolen, and file an insurance claim.

Or, you could save yourself the hassle and turn to JunkCarMasters. Whether you’ve got an old sedan, van, or hippie bus, we want it. You can get a free quote today and learn more.

Are scrap car prices going up or down in LA?

At the moment, scrap car prices are going down, both in Los Angeles and nationwide. That means the longer you hold onto your car, the more its value will drop. It might make more sense to sell it today than hold on to it while it depreciates.

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