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Here Are The Steps For Selling Your Salvage Car With Us

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Important Information About Junking A Car In Camarillo, CA

When you want to scrap your car that can't start, we are the solution you've been looking for. We work with licensed and knowledgeable purchasers in Camarillo to help you dispose of your vehicle in any sort of condition. Thanks to our advanced FREE value estimation tool, we know the actual cash value of your vehicle.

Doing business with scammers and crooks can come back to bite you further down the line, when you least expect it. You don't want to work with shady and unlicensed buyers of scrap cars. Check out the sections below to identify red flags and learn important facts about selling your car — including how JunkCarMasters can help.

JunkCarMasters.com Will Make An Offer On These Kinds Of Cars

JunkCarMasters.com isn't picky about the vehicles we pay for. Here are some types of damage we're happy to give you a fair offer on in Camarillo, California:

  • Cars with transmission issues
  • Crashed vehicles
  • Cars with damage on the exterior or frame
  • Cars with an irreparable engine
  • Vehicles that can't turn on
  • Old vehicles

Here Are Some Cars We've Already Purchased In Camarillo


2006 Pontiac G6

153,000 miles
Camarillo, CA 93012


Mechanical Damage
  • It does NOT start.
  • Clean Title

2003 Ford Expedition

284,000 miles
Camarillo, CA 93010


Mechanical and Collision Damage
  • It does NOT start.
  • Clean Title

2012 Fiat 500

77,000 miles
Camarillo, CA 93010


Mechanical and Collision Damage
  • It starts, but it is NOT good for daily use.
  • Clean Title

2001 Ford Ranger

172,000 miles
Camarillo, CA 93010


Mechanical and Collision Damage
  • It does NOT start.
  • Clean Title

JunkCarMasters.com will make an offer that's better than your local scrap yard will make. Get cash for your junk vehicle today.

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Get An Offer For Your Junk Car And Get Cash

Your vehicle is dropping in value every day. JunkCarMasters.com is ready to pay for your junk car now for a fair market value. Receive a quote in just 90 seconds and get paid in two business days — it's that simple. Start the process to dispose of your car and pick up your check — get an offer now!

What Kinds Of Scrap Car Buyers Should I Stay Away From In Camarillo, CA?

You should avoid evaluators that don't ask you to complete the title transfer or who aren't licensed. A responsible junk vehicle dealer will be properly licensed and knowledgeable enough to know how to pay cash for your car legally. Additionally, the most reliable buyers of junk cars in Camarillo won't charge huge fees for you to scrap your vehicle with them.

When Is A Junk Car A Junk Vehicle?

A junk vehicle is a vehicle that reached has the end of its functional life. It's no longer worth repairing, and typically it's only worth its weight in scrap metal.

You can still scrap a broken-down vehicle in Camarillo for a fair value, however. Just get an offer from JunkCarMasters to learn what it's worth!

What Information Do I Need To Sell You My Vehicle?

In a majority of cases, we only need a certified copy of the title to complete the sale. If you misplaced your title, your customer service representative can explain how to obtain a certified copy of your title to complete the process. Then, wait for the service provider to arrive and turn over the keys and the certified copy of the title.

Can I Sell A Junk Truck Or SUV With JunkCarMasters?

Yes — if you want to scrap your truck or SUV in Camarillo, we can assist you. Just get an offer by completing our easy quick and convenient form to learn your vehicle's actual cash value and begin now.

What Is Your Junk Car Worth?