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Important Information About Scrapping A Car In Castro Valley, CA

Ready to get rid of your vehicle that doesn't run? is the solution you've been looking for. JunkCarMasters works with licensed, knowledgeable and experienced evaluators across the nation and in Castro Valley to help you discard your vehicle in any condition. Thanks to our advanced FREE value estimation tool, we know the actual cash value of your car.

If you use unlicensed and irresponsible buyers of scrap cars for a quick sale, you might regret it further down the line. Discover how to avoid scammers and lowballers, and find out why JunkCarMasters is a step above the competition in the sections below.

Common Damage Accepts In Cars We Buy

JunkCarMasters wants to help you get money for your scrap vehicle, no matter what shape it's in. You can get an estimate for cars with these types of damage in Castro Valley, California:

  • Vehicles with engine issues
  • Cars declared totaled
  • Frame-damaged vehicles
  • Cars that have a faulty motor
  • Non-working vehicles
  • Vehicles that are unwanted

Salvage Vehicles We've Paid For In Castro Valley, California


2003 Mazda Tribute

240,000 miles
Castro Valley, CA 94546


Mechanical Damage
  • It does NOT start.
  • Clean Title

2011 Ford Fiesta

109,000 miles
Castro Valley, CA 94546


Collision Damage
  • It starts and drive.
  • Clean Title

With JunkCarMasters, you can skip haggling with the junkyard — trade in your junk car now!

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Junk Car Masters Castro Valley
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We Offer These Services In Castro Valley

  • Cash For Junk Cars In Castro Valley
  • Remove Your Junk Car For Free
  • Sell Your Junk Vehicle Fast
  • Get Your Check Right Then And There
  • We'll Pay For Any Car In Castro Valley

Scrap Your Junk Vehicle With

Your vehicle will depreciate the longer you keep it, so sell it now. With, you can get an estimate for the fair value of your vehicle in 90 seconds, even if it's junk. Enjoy free towing and transfer of ownership with all offers, and collect your payment in one to two business days. Get an offer now!

What Makes A Vehicle A "Junk" Car?

If your vehicle is old, undrivable and/or junk, it's reached the end of its life and is not a good candidate for repairs anymore. At this point, your car is junk and only worth its weight in scrap metal — your options are to junk, scrap or recycle it for money in Castro Valley, California.

What Buyers Of Junk Cars Should I Avoid In Castro Valley, CA?

You should stay away from evaluators that don't ask you to transfer over the title or who aren't licensed. A responsible scrap car buyer will be knowledgeable, licensed and experienced enough to know how to buy your car legally. Additionally, the most trusted buyers of junk cars in Castro Valley won't charge high fees for you to scrap your car with them.

Can You Still Purchase My Car If I'm Just Outside Of Castro Valley?

With JunkCarMasters, your location doesn't matter, whether you're downtown or on the city border. Thanks to our network of approved junk car buyers in Castro Valley, we can come straight to you in one to two business days regardless of your location and tow your vehicle lightning-fast.

What's The Process For Towing My Car In Castro Valley?

We tow your car when you accept our offer. Our company relies on a curated network of licensed junk car buyers in Castro Valley that help us purchase your vehicle in one to two business days.

After you accept our final offer for your car, we'll help you arrange your free pick-up The service provider will come where you are and tow your vehicle, and you'll get your check immediately.


What Is Your Junk Car Worth?