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You have a junk, wrecked, or totaled car you want to sell but having to find a local junk car buyer can be time-consuming and a hassle. There are some paths you can take to find one but there is only one that can get you the best offer, with top tier customer service, and is fast and effective. That’s the masters of the art of the junk car, JunkCarMasters.

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When we founded this company back in 2007 we had the idea to create a network of establishments and businesses that deal with ‘less-than-perfect’ cars to help people find a perfect buyer for them in no time. We have achieved this and continue to perfect our system on the daily.

Now that is the general idea of what our company is about but there are also specific details on how to get started finding the best offer in your area. While every case is different, we still can give a general guideline on how the process works.

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The first step to finding the highest paying junk car buyer is to fill out our online form. The details you submit are all factors our online car calculator takes into account when generating your instant offer. We have perfected this software that takes in numerous details at once and finds an offer immediately for you.

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You can accept that offer right away or one of our expert car evaluators will contact you, usually through a phone call, and ask for pictures of your vehicle to see if they can increase the offer for your automobile. You can send those pictures through text or email. Texting is especially simple, as you can just take them with your smartphone and send them directly to us. A task that can be done in less than 5 minutes.

More often than not, your offer will go up once these pictures are sent to our experts. Typically, all you will need to sell the car to us is the title, the VIN, and a copy of your driver’s license. There are scenarios where will purchase the vehicle without the title but that would reduce your offer by a significant amount. You can always get a quote with us if you aren’t sure about how much your car might be worth. There is no obligation to move forward with anything once you get an offer.

No Risk To Sell Your Junk Car

With us, there is virtually no risk of selling your car. For starters, the entire service, from start to finish, is 100% free. Yes, free. Like the complimentary oil change dealerships give you. Except this is better. There is no scenario where you pay money to us for anything. No hidden fees or any bills that will come back to bite you later down the road.

The tow truck drivers we send will never try to haggle down the amount we agreed upon when they come to pick up your vehicle. It’s a notorious tactic that sometimes happens which is that the driver will lower the offer at the last second when they are right there. Most people don’t fight it because they are already there and they just want to get the process over with. Don’t worry, we are guaranteed to never do that.

What Is The Range Of Your Network?

We cover all of the continental United States. That means pretty much everywhere in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii. We have spent over a decade building this network of top local buyers. We continue to grow our network daily. You can see exactly how much area we cover by checking our “Areas Served” page.

That’s How It’s Done

We know it’s a hassle to find high paying local buyers. The process used to take weeks on average. Making this process as simple as possible is our ultimate goal. We continue to innovate and develop better solutions as time goes by. For example; a few years ago we developed an elite car value calculator that has upped our game even more. While this idea isn’t new, it’s something we are perfecting. Anytime you need to find the highest paying local buyers you can always check with us to find out how much exactly you can get for your car.

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What is there to lose? There is no obligation to move forward with us and finding a quote will take as little as 90 seconds! You can come back anytime and it’s absolutely free. To get started getting the highest amount for your junk car you can give us a call or click of the “Get An Offer” button found everywhere on this website.

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