What’s My Junk Car Worth?

Are you starting to get sick of seeing that old clunker and wondering “how much can I get to junk my car?” Today, we’re going to give you a quick guide on junk car pricing and what to expect when you decide to sell.

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How much to junk a car in 2019? On average, scrap car pricing works out to about $150 per ton, meaning the average car will bring home about $300 before you factor in the cost of towing and removal. That’s just the baseline, though, since salvageable car parts, upgrades and accessories can drive your car’s price substantially higher.

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3 Places that Buy Junk Cars for Cash

No two junk cars are created equal. Your vehicle might have been totaled in a major accident, or it might have serious mechanical issues like a seized engine or bad transmission. All these variables can make it difficult to value junk cars, so there aren’t many buyers who can get you the right price for your vehicle.

In fact, there aren’t that many buyers for junk cars at all. Aside from taking it to the local scrapyard or hoping a private sale works out, your only other option is to part out the vehicle and hope to net a higher price.

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What is my Vehicle Worth?

There are three primary factors that ultimately determine the value of most junk cars:

Location: Your proximity to a scrap yard and the popularity of certain vehicles in your area can play a serious role in how much money you are able to make from selling your junk car.

Year, Make & Model: Depending on the age and popularity of your car’s make & model, and the demand for that model’s spare parts, prices can vary pretty widely. Plus, as cars become more fuel-efficient, they’re integrating more polymer and less metal. Less metal often means lower total scrap prices.

Condition: If you’ve babied your junk car and it’s in reliable running order, you should be able to expect more cash than you’d get for a rusted-out clunker.

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars?

At this point you might be ready to throw in the towel and ask “How much can I get to junk my car?Junkyards are usually the first place people think of when they want to sell a car, but they’re rarely the highest paying for junk cars. That’s because they’ll rarely offer more than scrap pricing regardless of the condition of your vehicle.

So if you’ve got intact, salvageable parts, upgrades or option items, you usually won’t be getting any extra cash for them unless the junkyard is willing to negotiate. This is especially troubling since the value of these parts and options can sometimes double the scrap value of your vehicle.

There’s also the cost of towing to account for. Towing alone can cost anywhere from $60 to $275 dollars on the high end, meaning you could be stuck giving back half (or more) of what you get for your car to the tow truck driver.

What if I Sell my Car for Parts?

If you’re willing to part out your car, you might be able to get some extra money for it, but at what cost? If you’re not handy around the shop, you’ll end up paying a mechanic to tear the car down, then you’ll have to find a place to store all the parts and leftover chassis until you find the right buyer.

You’ll also have to figure out where to sell your car parts and determine a fair price for each part. From there you’ll have to deal with haggling, lowball offers and unknown buyers for however long it takes to sell everything.

All this makes parting out your vehicle a pretty daunting task, especially if you’re not a “car guy.” It’s almost always going to be easier to contact the experts at JunkCarMasters and get the best junk car prices. With our no-nonsense buying process, you’ll get an instant online quote from the comfort of your own home, with FREE towing and on-the-spot payment in 24-48 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your guaranteed online quote and find out what your car is really worth today!

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What Is Your Junk Car Worth?