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If you have a salvage title truck on your hands, you have a few options to sell it. JunkCarMasters walks you through those options — and explains why we might be the best solution to sell your salvage truck fast.

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Can You Drive A Salvage Truck?

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In most states, it is illegal to drive a salvage truck. Regardless of whether or not the truck is driveable, you should avoid putting it on public roadways until you get the salvage brand removed from its title.

Furthermore, most insurance companies will not cover a salvage vehicle and insurance is required to legally operate a car on most roads.

In order to drive a salvage truck without breaking the law, you’ll have to do four things:

  1. Purchase the vehicle (assuming you haven’t already).
  2. Get it repaired.
  3. Have it inspected.
  4. File the correct paperwork.

Once each of those items is handled, your salvage title will be cleared and you will be able to legally drive it again.

The process, however, can be time consuming and costly. If you feel as if it’s “not worth it,” then selling your salvage brand truck is an option as well.

How To Sell My Salvage Truck

Once the DMV has branded your truck with a salvage title, you have a few options for how you can sell it:

  • Sell To Private Buyers - You can list your truck online and wait for private individuals who are interested in purchasing a vehicle with a salvage title to find your listing.
  • Sell To “As Is” Dealerships - There exists dealerships that specialize in vehicles in whatever condition they’re in. For them, your salvage truck is just one rebuilt title away from being a piece of inventory ready for sale.
  • Sell To Scrap Yards -  A final option; scrap yards buy cars that aren’t roadworthy anymore, a category that your salvage truck falls under without a doubt.

While these are the usual options for selling your salvage truck, they aren’t a guaranteed sale.

Furthermore, getting the most bucks for your banged up truck might come in the form of parting it out and selling each part individually.

Certain models have specific components that may be hard to find and hold good value on the aftermarket or used parts markets. It will, however, require a hefty amount of time and energy in order to sell each part separately.

How Much Can I Get For My Salvage Truck?

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Determining how much money you can get for your salvage title truck involves finding out the salvage value of your vehicle.

Salvage value can vary widely; from vehicles that are written off as total losses after a collision to a more loose definition that covers vehicles that have extremely high mileage or significant mechanical issues beyond repair.

The math behind determining a salvage truck’s price is relatively similar to that of regular used cars; depreciation will continue at the standard, predictable rate for the duration of the vehicle’s lifetime.

That said, multiplying the vehicle's market value by 25% can yield its salvage value (which will often be lower than the actual current value of the vehicle).

For example: A $20,000 vehicle may only be worth $5,000 after several years of standard use. Throw in a major accident, and it’s value as a salvage car might only be a little over $1,000.

More often than not, salvage branded vehicles are treated as worth just their weight in scrap metal. The standard scrap metal equation is:

Vehicle Weight x Price = Scrap Value

Truck weights can vary; some are as light as 3,000lbs, while others weigh three tons (6,000lbs) or more.

While you can get your vehicle’s weight in scrap value, that is often a lowball for what it is actually worth. There are different avenues for you to maximize your profits.

Who Buys Salvage Trucks?

  • Junkyards/Scrap Yards
  • “As Is” Dealerships
  • Private Buyers
  • JunkCarMasters

Sell A Truck With A Salvage Title Online

JunkCarMasters is an online platform designed to take the hassle out of selling less-than-perfect trucks.

We specialize in providing top of the line customer service, while easing the entire sale process for car owners.

With only a few pieces of information, our cutting-edge value calculator that will provide you with a quote within 90 seconds.

A highly-trained team of representatives will then direct you through each step of the process, connecting you with one of our partners within your area.

You can schedule a vehicle retrieval with these partners within 24-48 hours, completely free of charge.

After a quick inspection, they put a check for the entire quoted amount in your possession. We take that salvage truck off your hands and replace it with some cash.

Contact JunkCarMasters today and let us help you take care of that salvage truck.

How do you determine the salvage value of a truck?

Determining a salvage truck’s price is similar to that of regular used cars; depreciation will continue at the predictable rate for the vehicle’s lifetime.

That said, multiplying the vehicle's market value by 25% can yield its salvage value (which will often be lower than the actual current value of the vehicle).

Is it legal to sell a truck with a salvage title?

It is legal to sell a truck with a salvage title, however you should take care to be extremely thorough when you do. Selling a salvage truck can have different requirements depending on the state you’re in. Furthermore, hiding a salvage title is a misdemeanor in most states and can result in a fine for the seller.

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