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The Relationship Between Auto Recycling and Junk Cars

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Ever wondered what happens to cars at a junkyard? It’s a good question to ask. The truth is that most people don’t care about their vehicle once it is out of their hands. But the relationship between car recycling and junk cars is very close – much closer than most people think. (This is a better article on the car junking process, this article differs a bit.)

Recycling a car is different than putting a pop bottle in your blue bin, and a vehicle recycling center is distinct from one that processes plastic containers. Car recycling is about taking a vehicle that doesn’t belong on the road anymore and turning it into products that have value. And when you’re talking about car recycling, there are two different ways you can deal with a junk car.

Even old cars still carry some useful, even if you’d call them junk cars (you can trade them also – profitability). It might be that the engine runs but the car’s brakes, suspension, steering, and body are no good anymore. On the other hand, the engine might be blown, but the car is alright otherwise. Potentially, even a car that’s been in a collision is likely to still have good parts.

So, what is junk car recycling for parts? This process involves dismantling the salvage vehicle to acquire that can be resold. It can be anything. Body parts, steering and suspension, electrical, lights, wheels, engine, or transmission – you name it, if it still works, it can be sold.

In other situations, it’s not worth dismantling a car for its parts. Instead, the whole car you sold for junk is put into a crusher and pressed into a neat and tidy little cube. This type of car recycling center sells off crushed cars to companies in bulk. Eventually, they’re shredded, melted down, or otherwise separated into different materials. Then, they are reused to manufacture new goods and sold back to you…indirectly, of course.

Eventually, even junk cars that are recycled for parts end up going to the shredder – what’s left of them after they’ve been picked apart. In that way, auto recycling is quite efficient and there isn’t very much waste.

Where Can I Recycle My Car?

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If you think, “I can recycle my car as an environmentally-friendly way to get rid of it,” you’d be correct. But you might not know how to go about it. There are a lot of places that advertise themselves as a location for vehicle recycling. Which one is the best car recycling program out there?

Junk car recycling yards might all seem the same, but they aren’t. You’ll need to do a bit of research to find the place that best suits your needs to get junk car removal near you.

Recycle Your Car for Parts

You might want your junk car to be dismantled for its useful parts, and that’s noble. It does, however, limit the number of potential buyers. You’ll need to seek out junk car recyclers that also sell used parts. It’s probably only one in three auto recyclers that do so – maybe even less.

Some places that recycle cars for parts will pay a little more because they see value in certain components, but don’t hang your hat on it.

If you want to make it easy to recycle your car fast, it’s all about scrap car recycling. At its core, you sell a car for metal pricing per ton. It doesn’t make a lick of a difference if you have a Jaguar or a Ford, a Mercedes, or a Mazda. All it depends on is how much your car weighs on the scale.

You can take your junk car to almost any junkyard or scrap yard and it will end up at the shredder in due time.

When you say, “I’m going to take my car for scrap and get rich!”, you’re kidding yourself. Junkyards and auto recyclers don’t pay very much for scrap cars. Prices vary from day to day, as well as from recycler to recycler. In that way, you need to do your research ahead of time and be ready to act if the price spikes.

What You Need to Recycle Cars for Scrap

If you plan to recycle your car, you will need to get your paperwork in order. Just like selling a broken car, you will only be able to recycle a vehicle if you have the title. Without your car’s title on hand, you won’t be able to sell it or get rid of it at the auto recycler.

You might also need to drain the fluids from your car. That means the engine oil, any fuel, washer fluid, and the air conditioning refrigerant may need to be removed before the recycler will take your car. That can be costly.

In addition, you’ll need to get your car to the junkyard or recycler. The cost of a tow truck will vary. It can be anywhere from $50 to several hundred, depending on how far they have to go. Sometimes, the costs just aren’t worth it.

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Where Can I Scrap My Car Near Me?

You can scrap your car with JunkCarMasters! We provide 90-second offers with free towing and title transfer, and we can come to you in less than two business days. You'll get paid on the spot when we pick up the car — it couldn't be easier!

Can I Recycle My Cars For Cash Near Me?

Yes — there are plenty of buyers in your area who can help you recycle your car, but JunkCarMasters makes the process faster, easier and simpler.

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How Much Can I Get To Recycle My Car?

The amount you can get for recycling your car depends on your vehicle's year, make and model. It can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. At JunkCarMasters, we can tell you exactly what your vehicle is worth in just 90 seconds, and provide free towing and title transfer with all our offers.

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