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Simply log on to our website, fill out a few details about your car, and you will get an instant offer right there! Plus, when the time comes to collect your car, we will come to you and collect it for free, paying you in full as we do. Everything is so easy and convenient with

Selling your car online to comes with a lot of advantages. Here is a list of a few of them:

How to Get Cash for Your Scrap Vehicle

1. Speed

With JunkCarMasters, junkyard searches for old cars are quick and easy. We have a national network, filled with ready and qualified car buyers. With our automated system, we will get you an offer in less than 90 seconds. Your car’s condition does not matter. It does not even matter whether your car is running or not. At JunkCarMasters, we will make an offer on any vehicle in any condition. So if you want that car off your hands as soon as possible, reach out to us and we will take it off your hands fast!

Cash for Junk Cars Cash For Junk Car

2. Convenience

When it comes to junkyards, getting the right fit for you can be tedious. Even though there are so many salvage yards for cars, the overall process of getting that car junked can be too time-consuming. From finding a licensed, honest junkyard dealer, getting your vehicle’s paperwork in order, getting a fair quote for your junk car, selling your car and finally getting paid, it is no wonder many people opt to let their junk cars take up some parking space just to avoid all the trouble. However, with, the entire process is streamlined. Convenience is the name of the game with us. Simply log on to our website and we could be taking your junk car out of your hands for a fair price in as little as 24 hours.

3. Cheap

Traditional processes of junking cars can be costly. All those trips you have to make to the junkyard, DMV or your insurance company, without forgetting costs for towing that junk car, everything eventually adds up and in the end, you may be out quite a lot of money. To cut down on all these costs, all you have to do is sell your car at and we will come to you. All you have to do is get your paperwork in order then sit back, relax and wait for our tow truck.

Sell Crashed Cars to Local Wrecking Yards

Many private buyers are not interested in crashed cars that are not running. Vehicles that don’t run are hard to sell. Many dealers will turn you down. JunkCarMasters, on the other hand, will hook you up with deals on any type of junk car you have lying around. We do not haggle, neither do we give unfair offers or put pressure on you to accept a deal you are not comfortable with. We believe in absolute fairness and openness, and that is how we deal with all our clients. All junk cars are valuable to us.

At JunkCarMasters your offer is guaranteed. We are well connected with many salvage yards across the country, which means we pay top dollar for junk vehicles and with no fraud whatsoever.

who buys junk cars Cash For Junk Car

Typical junkyards who buy cars do not care about premium options such as leather seats or sunroofs. Most of them are only in this business for scrap metal. However, when you take your car to junkyards for parts, you want them to consider these features. Which is why when you sell your junk car to us, we consider every special feature your car has and compensate you accordingly.

Auto Wrecking Yards in Your Area

Perhaps you have considered repairing your car and continuing its use. However, a lot of times, repairing that old vehicle may not be as cost-effective as you may think. Associated garage costs pile up, and scrap cars can take up lots of valuable space for prolonged periods of time. It is definitely smarter to sell such a car to salvage yards or platforms like

With us, once we make an agreement on cost, you are paid right on pick up. There are no delays in payment whatsoever. Engage with us and you can rest assured of being paid what your car is worth on pick up. After we agree on the price, our free towing services will be at your door within 24-48 hours with the check in hand. It really does not get any easier or more convenient than that. also offers expert valuation on your car, something which most local dealers are not able to do. We value ourselves in offering a complimentary expert valuation service, after which we make a fair offer based on the market value, make, year and condition of the vehicle. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for both parties to be happy and neither one should feel taken advantage of.

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