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Having a scrap car in your driveway can be inconvenient and unsightly, and trading it in won’t save you much on your next vehicle. Your old car not driving anymore doesn’t mean it can’t still help you out. Even the rustiest old scrap car still has value to your local scrap yard, which will gladly pay you cash for your vehicle.

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Why Sell to a Salvage Yard?

The auto recycling industry is one of the largest in the US and growing all the time, and that’s a good thing! Around 12 million cars are recycled each year. Scrap yards do a lot of important work toward making the end of your vehicle’s life as eco-friendly as possible.

Cars being disposed of in landfills take up a lot of valuable real estate that should be reserved for non-recyclable items. Less space in the landfills we’ve got means more landfills need to be built. Plus, cars that are disposed of rather than recycled aren’t broken down properly — meaning whatever toxic chemicals are left behind enter our soil.

After a car has been recycled, the parts that can’t be used are melted down into a piece of metal no bigger than your fist! That’s a lot of space saved, and a lot of parts repurposed. On average, 80 percent of a car sold to a scrap yard is salvageable.

The parts of your car that can be resold also benefit your fellow drivers who can save money and make an eco-friendly choice buying recycled parts for their car. In this way, selling to a scrap yard gives your old car new life and many more years on the road.

Choosing a Salvage Yard

For most of us, all scrap yards probably look about the same. However, not all businesses operate equally. There are standards you should expect from any reputable salvage yard, as well as some common scrap yard scams you should be wary of.

The first thing you should always know is that your car has value. A “no-value” quote is dishonest, and if you receive this valuation you should take your business elsewhere. You should also be able to receive your quote over the phone, provided some information about your car.

Make sure you’re ready ahead of time to answer some simple questions about your vehicle to help the junkyard make your quote. The more you know, the more accurate your quote will be. That said, you shouldn’t need too much information, and your quote should not make any major changes between the time it’s offered and the time you’re paid for your car. Towing should always be complementary.

The reason it’s important to receive your quote over the phone is that there is a practice by some disreputable junkyards of asking customers to bring their car in for the quote. Towing winds up being at the customer’s expense, and upon arrival, they’re often given low or no-value quotes. Too discouraged to have their car towed elsewhere, victims of this scam accept these low offers.

You should also never accept offers of deferred payment or alternative payment methods such as vouchers in exchange for your vehicle. Some untrustworthy scrap yards have been known to offer to send a check later - one that never comes, or doesn’t clear once you’ve cashed it.

Others won’t even offer payment, instead promising vacations or other prizes in exchange for your car. Once customers go to redeem these vouchers, they often find the fine print means the vacation ends up costing them money and they haven’t been compensated at all.

Reputable junkyards will always require titles for sale of the vehicle. Junkyards that offer to buy your car without a title or handle re-titling at a later time may be attempting a trick where the junkyard will keep your car for an extended period of time before billing you through collections agencies for storage of your vehicle. Because the title is still in your name, you will be held responsible for these fees and may face damage to your credit.

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All we need is your car’s VIN and a few pictures to get a guaranteed quote in 90 seconds that’s good for seven days. Towing is always free, and one of our drivers can pick up your vehicle in 24 to 48 hours. All you’ll need to do is sign over your title, hand over your keys, and accept your check when the tow truck arrives. In as little as two days, you can have your scrap car safely sold and more money in your pocket!

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