How Much Is It To Replace A Water Pump?

Water pumps can be pricey to replace — but just how much does a water pump replacement cost? JunkCarMasters explains what makes it so expensive to fix a broken water pump.

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Your car generates a lot of energy to get and keep you moving forward. With this energy comes heat that must be kept stable to prevent premature wear and damage.

This is where your car’s water pump comes in. It helps your vehicle maintain that stable temperature by cycling coolant. Thus, it’s crucial for this part to stay healthy.

But what happens if your water pump breaks? You can learn all about this below, find out how much replacement costs, and what you can do if repairs are out of the question.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Water Pump?

Not many drivers think of their car’s water pump let alone how much it would cost to replace one. However, vehicular water pumps can be costly to replace, especially if other related parts are damaged as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the low and high-end costs you can expect with water pump replacement service:

Repair/Service Low-End Cost High-End Cost

Timing Belt Replacement



Timing Chain and Gear Set Replacement



Water Pump Replacement



Coolant Flush



Thermostat Replacement



Radiator Replacement



Labor (per hour)



Your total costs can wind up being well over $1,000, even if you’re trying to get the lowest cost parts. If your damage is extensive and requires multi-part replacement, you might want to consider other options besides repair.

Below, we talk more about what the water pump does and whether it’s worth it to get it replaced.

What Does The Water Pump Do?

Water pump

The water pump in a vehicle is part of the cooling system. To prevent overheating, the water pump sends coolant throughout the engine’s cooling system.

The water pump works together with the timing belt and the engine. When the engine is running, the timing belt rotates and allows the pump to do its job. The coolant is pushed from the water pump through the engine block, hoses, and radiator to make sure your car’s temperature stays level.

After cycling through the engine and radiator, coolant returns to the water pump to be pushed out again. So, if something goes wrong anywhere along this pathway, the water pump can be affected and so can parts down the line.

Why Is Water Pump Replacement Necessary?

A broken water pump can lead to engine failure.

You’ll notice these signs if your water pump is broken:

  • Overheating engine: When your engine is not being properly cooled due to a broken water pump, it might overheat and cause additional damage.

  • Leaks: If there are cracks or holes in your water pump, then essential cooling liquid will leak out. You’ll see an orange or green-colored puddle near the front of your car if your water pump is leaking.

  • Noises: Whining and grinding noises can signal a bad water pump as belts and bearings help the water pump work. If these parts break, your water pump can be affected, as can the rest of your engine.

  • Steam: If your engine overheats due to a failing water pump, you’ll notice steam coming from under the hood of your car. At this point, your engine has sustained extensive damage.

  • Dashboard light: If you notice the engine light coming on, that can be a sign that your water pump is going bad especially if it coincides with any of the other symptoms of a bad water pump.

Is It Worth Replacing My Water Pump?

If you want to keep your current car and it still has a lot of value left, then it might be worth replacing the water pump. In many other cases, though, replacing a broken water pump might not be worth the money.

Here are some instances in which it’s not worth replacing your water pump:

  • The water pump damage has caused serious engine damage

  • Repairs will cost exceed the value of your vehicle

  • Your car already has many other issues

Unlike tires, windshield wipers, or brake pads, a water pump doesn’t need regular replacement. They are meant to last well past 100,000 miles. So, if you find yourself wondering if it’s worth replacing, you should examine the cost versus the benefits of replacing this piece.

Sell A Car With A Broken Water Pump

Blown engine

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Our team offers fair-market estimates for cars that have broken parts including broken water pumps. We look at factors beyond your car’s condition to provide you with the best deal.

Here’s how you can sell your car to Junk Car Masters:

  1. Input your car details into our online calculator.

  2. Wait less than 90 seconds to get your estimate.

  3. Accept our offer.

  4. Schedule a free tow truck pick-up.

After scheduling your pick-up, a local towing company will come to pick up your car in 24 to 48 hours. You’ll get your check with the exact amount you were quoted.

This whole process is free, simple, and easy. Get a quote for your car with a broken water pump today!

Can I drive with a broken water pump?

Driving with a broken water pump is not recommended as your engine can quickly heat up and shut down.

However, it is possible to drive with a broken water pump for short distances—no more than 5 minutes at a time. It’s also not advisable to drive during the hottest part of the day as your car can overheat much faster.

So, if you need to drive with a broken water pump, know that it might not be an easy or comfortable drive.

How much does it cost to install a water pump in a car?

Installing a water pump is not cheap. The pump itself can cost between $461 and $638. You’ll also have to factor in labor which can be between $256 and $324. Now your total costs are between $717 and $962.

However, this isn’t including any additional fees, taxes, or other parts that might need repair alongside your water pump like the serpentine or timing belt.

What are the symptoms of a bad water pump in a car?

If your water pump is going bad, you’ll notice a few warning signs including:

  • An overheating engine

  • Noises like whining or grinding

  • An orange or green puddle under your car

  • Steam coming from under the hood

  • An illuminated engine light

You may only notice one symptom or several. No matter how many warning signs are present though, don’t let this issue sit as a broken water pump can cause damage to other components.

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