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Selling your car to a pick n pull company is one of the biggest innovations in the junk car industry. The process looks incredibly simple from what they are saying on the landing page, but a deeper dive into their frequently asked questions will prove that this is different.

This article will break down the process that they have on their website and show you how they are contradicting themselves in the frequently asked questions.

Get a Quote!

Step 1: Get a Quote!

The landing page says all you have to do is submit your vehicle information or call them over the phone and you will get a quote instantly. What they do not tell you is the quote is based off of the prices a junkyard will pay you. That means, on average, they will pay you $150 per Ton that your car weighs. The average car weighs 2 Tons, so you will make around $300 on your junk car.

And remember, this is a quote. This is not the final total that they will pay you because they still need to weigh your car just like a junkyard would do. Unlike a junkyard though, they will strip your vehicle for parts and sell those parts for a profit. Whatever they do not sell for a profit will become scrapped for more money.

Step 2: Accept Offer!

In order to accept an offer, they have to see proof that you own the vehicle. That part is true, but the name of the step is misleading - Accept Offer? You are accepting an offer that is not finalized! Their “frequently asked questions” section even says that they do not use the Kelley Blue Book to come up with a quote; they are basing their quote off of an average weight that is remeasured at their location.

They don’t even take any of the care or replacements you made into consideration when they are putting this quote together. You will have no idea how much money you are making until you get the vehicle to their facility.

Step 3: Free Towing

Free Towing

Again, also true. But this is all based on if you live within their towing zone. If you do not live in their towing zone, you will need to find another way to get the vehicle to their facility. If your vehicle is still running, you can drive it there.

But do you really want to drive a vehicle that has been rendered as non-running? That means you will need to pay for a tow company to get your vehicle to their location. On average, a tow company will charge $100 to bring your vehicle wherever you need it to go.

Oh, and don’t forget - if you are responsible for bringing the vehicle in, you will need to get to the location as well. The tow truck driver is not allowed to carry passengers, so you will either need to get a friend or relative to bring you to the location or pay an Uber or Lyft to get you there… which is more money you will be using out of pocket.

Step 4: Get Cash

If you are delivering the vehicle yourself, they will give you cash on the spot. But if one of their tow trucks is picking up your vehicle, you will need to find an alternate method to receiving your money because they will only deal in checks. You cannot get your money directly deposited or through a transfer service like PayPal. They offer your payment through three different methods:

  • Delivered by the tow truck driver
  • Mailed to your phone address
  • Picked up at one of their stores

All three methods require some waiting on your behalf, which means you cannot go shopping for your new vehicle if you are reliant on this money to acquire your new car. What is the point of having a place that can quickly take your junk car if they cannot provide the money in your hand right away?

While the service does provide some nice conveniences, the downsides are pretty steep. You are left waiting for your money, the quote is not guaranteed and the quote is based on junkyard prices despite the fact that they will break your vehicle down and sell it for parts. So if they are making this much money off of me, why can’t I find a service that can put more money into my pocket? Luckily for you, one does exist!

Sell Your Junk Car to

Sell Your Junk Car to

With, we will pay fair market value for your vehicle. No matter how much damage your vehicle has obtained, we will take everything into consideration. This all includes:

  • Age of your vehicle
  • Upgrades you put into your vehicle
  • Availability of parts in your vehicle
  • Consistency that you took your vehicle to the mechanic

We will learn all of this information when you submit the questionnaire we provide you and the photos we request. Once we have all of this in our hands, one of our experts will review the information and send you a no-obligation fair market value quote that is good for one week.

If you accept the quote, you will then need to schedule a pick-up time and location. Our tow truck will meet you at that time and location for no additional charge. Once the vehicle has been loaded onto our tow truck, the truck driver will hand you the check for your payment on the spot!

Not only is this process easy, but it makes sure that you have the money you need for a brand new vehicle right away!

Where Can I Find A Pick N Pull Near Me?

The easiest way to find a Pick N Pull near you is to go on their website and search for a location. All of their locations are displayed on a map. But as you can see, there are several locations that do not have a Pick N Pull within any distance. Unlike, the Pick N Pull service is not available to everyone in the United States., on the other hand, is willing to pick up your vehicle from anywhere in the United States. We have agreements with several towing companies all over the United States that make it possible for us to obtain your vehicle no matter where it is.

And once we have your vehicle, we will make sure that your money is available to you right away. The quote we give you after you submit your questionnaire and photos is the final total that you will receive when the tow company picks up your junk car.

All you have to do is make a request on our website, answer a few questions and submit a couple of photos. We pride ourselves on providing the quickest and most efficient service in the industry.

How Much Can I Get For My Car From A Pick N Pull?

Pick N Pull relies on the cost of your car’s weight in order to determine how much they want to pay you; the same as a junkyard will pay. On average, a junkyard will pay $150 per 1 Ton. An average car weighs 2 Tons, so you can expect an average of $300 per car that is sold to Pick N Pull.

And if you have to get the car to the service yourself, you will be paying for that out of your own pocket. That can cost you anywhere between $130 to $160. That means your net profit from working with a Pick N Pull is anywhere between $140 to $170. There is a chance that it will cost you more money to use the Pick N Pull service than it is to keep your junk car!

Do Pick N Pulls Buy Junk Cars?

Pick n Pulls specializing in buying junk cars for way below their market value! They even say it in their frequently asked questions that they do not consult the Kelley Blue Book when they are giving their rough quotes., on the other hand, will make sure that you get fair market value for your junk car. We take everything into consideration — the make and model, the years it was in production, the upgrades you put on your vehicles… this list will go on forever if I keep going!

With us, all you have to do is submit a questionnaire with a few photos and we give you a no-obligation, fair market value quote that is good for a week. We will even pick the vehicle up for you, no matter where you are.

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