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First of all, unless you’re dedicated to the idea of giving something back or in sore need of a tax break, then selling or trading in your junk car, pickup truck or SUV will be simpler and make you more money.

With JunkCarMasters, it’s just a matter of answering a few simple questions to get an instant online quote for the fair market value of your vehicle. After that, it’s just another 24-48 hours before our tow truck arrives for FREE pickup and on-the-spot payment.

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How Can I Sell My Car for Cash Quickly?

On the bright side, you’re almost better off to donate totaled cars than nicer vehicles.

That’s because the amount you’re allowed to deduct ultimately depends on what the charity does with the car. If they choose to scrap it (which is likely) and they receive less than $500 in scrap value, then your paperwork is much simpler. However, you might be able to junk your car for $500 or more.

If, instead, they decide to fix the car up and use it, or sell it to someone in need at a discounted amount, matters become more complicated. All these different factors affect the amount of your deduction, and they all require documentation. Charities will typically just give you a receipt with their name on it, leaving you to fill out the rest.

Due to all these reasons, it’s often best to work with a charity that specializes in car donations, and only when you’ve got a scrap-ready car or totaled vehicle for donation.

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This is not to dissuade you from donating your car and giving back to the community. Donating to a noble cause can be a great thing, but IRS regulations can be painfully complicated and it’s crucial to make sure you’re in compliance when it comes to deductions.

cash for cars Cash For Junk Car

Instead, it will generally be simpler to junk a car, then just donate the proceeds of the sale to the charity of your choice. The donation will still be tax deductible, with much simpler paperwork, and most charities would rather have cash than clunkers anyway.

Instead of limiting yourself to charities that are ready to take car donations, practically any qualified charity will welcome a cash donation. There’s also a good chance that selling your junk car will generate more cash than they’d get from scrapping the vehicle.

Just use our online pricing tool and get an instant quote on the value of your vehicle. Remember that we offer FREE towing and we’ll pick up your car from your home, office or practically anywhere within 24-48 hours. Then you’re free to do what you wish with the proceeds.

Trade In A Car for Cash

At the end of the day, the decision is up to you. As you’ve seen, though, donating your car is more of a symbolic gesture. It’s likely you’ll do even more good, with simpler tax paperwork, by simply selling your vehicle and donating the proceeds instead.

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