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Trading in your current car can be an exciting event. After all, the prospect of a fresh, new set of wheels is enough to get anybody’s heart thumping out of their chest.

That said, what if your car has issues when you’re ready to trade it in? Can you still trade it in? Do you have to disclose those issues upfront?

Fortunately for you, we have answers to all of those questions.

Is It Illegal To Trade In A Car With Issues?

Thankfully, it is not illegal to trade in a car that has problems currently affecting it. That said, you won’t be getting the same bang for your bucket-of-bolts that you would if it were in tip-top shape.

Dealerships specialize in accepting trade-ins that can be quickly repurposed for sale. If the issues keep the car from being driveable, the dealership may refuse to accept your trade.

If you want to ensure you maximize your trade-in offer, then it’s in your best interest to get any issues with the car fixed beforehand.

Do You Have To Disclose What Issues Your Car Has?

It is illegal to knowingly sell a car that has mechanical, electrical, and/or structural issues without disclosing that information to the buyer.

This applies to dealerships as well. They will do a thorough inspection of your car before taking it off your hands, so it’s best not to be deceitful about any issues you’re aware of. Dealers are more likely to make a favorable offer if you’re upfront with them at the beginning.

Outside of severe frame damage, dealerships will consider most vehicles for a trade-in. Even key components like the engine and car’s transmission can be damaged, yet still be accepted by the dealership.

The costs to repair the roadster and get it back up to road-ready standards will absolutely be taken out of the trade-in value though.

Why Trade-In A Car With Issues Anyways?

Trading in a vehicle is one path towards getting rid of your current set of wheels, but what are the other benefits?

Trade-In Value: The eventual payout for your traded in car can be applied to the price of the replacement vehicle.

Taxes: A bit of an advantage exists between trade-ins and taxes. Many states will only tax the difference between your trade-in value and the price of the new car.

Simplicity: It’s a pretty cut and dry process for getting rid of a car with some problems.

The benefits are there, but what about the disadvantages to trading in your ailing vehicle?

Decreased Value: The trade-in value you’ll receive will likely be much less than what you can get selling your car privately.

Haggling: In order to get the most money for your car, you’ll have to step into the haggling ring with an experienced sales person.

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JunkCarMasters And Your Car With Issues

When it comes to disclosing your car’s issues, JunkCarMasters specializes in buying vehicles “as is.”

While disclosing your car’s issue’s gets you the most accurate quote, our Associate Buyers will kick back a quote for your car within 90 seconds, whether you’re aware of its problems or not.

Within 24-48 hours, you can schedule a tow with one of our local service providers. The tow and the title transfer are both free, ensuring the amount you’re quoted is the amount you’re given upon the driver’s arrival.

Contact JunkCarMasters today and let’s get that problem child-of-a-car taken care of!

Should You Fix A Car Before Trading It In?

Fix your car before you trade it in and make sure you have proper documentation of the repairs. These actions may positively impact the trade-in value of your vehicle.

How Long Should I Keep A Car Before Trading It In?

For a brand new vehicle, a three-year wait before trading it in is the rule of thumb. If your car is a used one, it’s likely already gone through it’s largest depreciation phase and you can trade it in after a year of ownership.

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