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Junk Your Truck for Top Dollar - Get Paid for Any Truck in Any Condition

Saying goodbye to your truck is never easy, but that doesn’t mean selling it has to be a challenge. No matter your truck’s age or condition, it still has value.


Part Out My Junk Car for Top Cash - We Tell You the How & Where

An old clunker sitting in your driveway or garage can feel burdensome, or hearing from your insurance company that your new car is totaled can be devastating. No matter how you ended up with a junk car, you’ll need to get rid of it to move o...


Salvage Yards That Buy Cars For Cash Near Me — Get $$$ With ZERO Hassle

Looking for a salvage yard to dispose of your junker for cash? JunkCarMasters makes it easy to get paid in days.


Get Top $$$ from Junk Yards that Buy Cars for Cash Near You

You’ve been driving your car for nearly 10 years. It’s gotten you where you need to go with no issues in the past. But now, you can barely drive it to work without it breaking down.


Sell Your Car Running or Not — We Pay for Cars in Any Condition

Whether you’ve totaled your car or have just decided it’s time to try out the newest safety features, if you want a new car you’ll have to sell the old one first. If you prefer traditional methods of selling your car, you may fin...


Get the Value of Your Broken Car — Whether it Runs or Not

Selling a car isn’t usually a streamlined process, not even for dealerships! However, you have an added challenge: your car is broken and doesn’t run. You might think that you won’t be able to get anything for a car like this. Bu...


Get Paid TOP $$$ At a Car Salvage Yard Easily and Stress-Free

You’ve had your car forever and are finally ready to get rid of it. To you, it’s officially junk, but you know there are people out there who could put it to good use. Moreover, you’re looking to make some money off of it. Even t...


Junkyards — How to Hit Up a Junkyard & Come Out WINNING $$$

Deciding it’s time to take your car to the junkyard can be a bummer, especially if you’ve grown fond of it over the years and miles. The good news is that the junkyard is far from the end of the road for your vehicle!

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