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bad car starter problems

What Is The Replacement Cost For My Car's Starter?

Your car's starter is a vital part of your vehicle — as the name implies, it's necessary to make your car start. Replacing a starter that's gone bad can be costly, however. Find out what your options are and when it makes more sense to sell y...

sell a car with a branded title

Can I Sell My Car With A Branded Title?

A branded title can add a layer of difficulty to selling your car. However, you can still sell your car with a branded title and get paid for it if you know how to find the right buyer. JunkCarMasters can help.

burning oil smell in car

Top 5 Reasons Your Car Is Burning Oil

Is there a burning oil smell in your car? Find out why your car might smell like oil, what repair costs you might be facing and what your options are.

Timing chain

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Timing Chain?

A broken timing chain can be a pretty big problem. Find out what it takes to fix it, what it costs to replace it — and when it makes more sense to sell it.

Fix a failing water pump

How Much Is It To Replace A Water Pump?

Water pumps can be pricey to replace — but just how much does a water pump replacement cost? JunkCarMasters explains what makes it so expensive to fix a broken water pump.
Rust damage on car

When Is It Time To Junk Your Car?

Selling your junk car at the right time requires know-how. At JunkCarMasters, we explain what to do when junking a car, and how to tell when it’s time to say bye to your vehicle.
Oil leak in engine

Oil Leak Repair Costs

An oil leak can be a minor problem, or signs of a major issue and costly repair bill. Find out what could be causing an oil leak here.

Cost to repair slipping transmission

Signs Your Transmission May Be Going Bad

If you’re experiencing the early warning signs of transmission failure, you may be in for some hefty transmission repair costs. Find out what to watch out for, and what you could expect to pay.

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