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What Should I Do If My Car Won't Start?

After a few days of struggling to get your car to turn over, it’s finally had it. At this point, you have a few options to handle the situation. You can take it to the repair shop, sell it, or try to identify and solve the problem on your ow...


Is Parting Out A Car Profitable?

Will parting out your car help your wallet, or will it be more trouble than it’s worth? JunkCarMasters can help you find the answer.


Does Electric Damage Make My Car Junk?

Find out when electrical problems are minor, and when they signal doom for your vehicle — and how JunkCarMasters can help you get paid for your car.


Can You Junk A Car With An Expired Registration?

You need to junk your car, but your paperwork is expired. Find out how this affects the car selling process with JunkCarMasters.


Get Rid of Your Junk Car in 24-48 Hours

Get paid cash fast for your junk vehicle. We tow cars from your house!


Get the Scrap Value of Your Junk Car Online

We pay cash for junk vehicles near you. Get paid in 24-48 hours w/ FREE towing included.


What’s Happening With Scrap Car Prices In 2021?

Scrap car prices are rising in 2021, which means it’s a better time than ever to sell your junk car. Find out what’s causing the upward drive and what you might get for your car with JunkCarMasters.

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