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selling a car with rust

How Does Rust Affect Your Car's Value?

How much rust affects your car's value depends on the severity of the rust and where it's located. JunkCarMasters gets into the specifics.

abandoned car

How Long Can A Car Sit Without Being Driven?

How long can you leave your car in the driveway before it develops mechanical problems? JunkCarMasters can help you figure out when your unused car might start developing issues.

draining trans fluid

How To Sell A Car With A Bad Transmission

Where can you sell a car with transmission problems? JunkCarMasters has the options. Learn what your options are and who will give you money for a car with a bad transmission.

jumpstart battery

Your Car Won't Start? Here's What You Can Do

So your car won't start, and you aren't sure what it could mean. Are you in for major repairs or an easy fix? JunkCarMasters has the cheat sheet to quick solutions.

report an accident

Can I Sell My Car With A Salvage Title?

Does a salvage title prevent you from selling your car? Well, it does make it complicated. Learn what your options are for getting cash for your car with JunkCarMasters.

trade in car

How to Sell Your Vehicle If It Has Issues

Car got problems? You can quickly trade it in just 24-48 hours.


Which Car Donation Charities Are Legit?

Before you donate your car to charity, do you research to make sure you pick the right organization.

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